Saurabh Dube. Post/de/colonial.

This is an actual event – by which I mean an important discussion that makes important moves, negotiates languages and ambiguities of the decolonial/postcolonial/colonial. There is good material here that moves us past the documentary and first steps of critical orientalism – to recall a longer complex anti-colonial history through to … well, travel with Saurabh through the intersections and dynamics past poco and antihumanist debates to, well on and on past the subalternists and teaching us how to travel in the new terrains of thinking the globe, the scandal of the west, the ontological, epistemic and ethical…colonial modernity and nation as contingent interplays – criss-crossed by the promise of freedom and calls to decolonise

Best not to take my word for it, but listen to this, well worth your time. Including the initial minutes in Spanish which, are in fact necessary to start the reterritorialisation of the future.

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