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The Free Free Market Market


Friday, 25th March12.00pm, Outside the ICA


The University for Strategic Optimism’s Free Education Market is hitting the West End Friday, 25th March and you’re all invited. And what will be on sale? With the major cuts to all levels of education and the public services EVERYTHING MUST GO, so come and join in the great education cattle market of the future. Time to show off those skills. Create your own stalls to bring along, we’re expecting all kinds! Why not treat yourself to a BSc in Tescosisation? An MA in Streamlining Public Culture? Or two for one in dead-end internships and part-time jobs whilst trying to scrape together enough money to postpone eviction? Six week micro-philosophy courses to help you charm creative contacts whilst networking, seal the deal on business success, and have all the right opinions about books, film, and art. Do you have some cultural capital to splash out? Oh yes!

– We are looking for people to bring along stalls, make them out of cardboard or whatever you like, use your imagination!

– If you can’t make a stall, we are looking for people to come along and throw around some specially created cultural capital banknotes or just contribute in any way you can to the festivities!

– We are looking for people who want to shout and make some noise!

Our market has a bargain for everyone. Come and bring a stall or simply swing by and flash(mob) your cultural capital. We welcome buyers and sellers of our education futures. There will be vouchers, special guests, bargain boxes and maybe even raffle prizes!

Join us for an ‘art performance’ you’ll never forget. Bring all your friends and whatever you’d like to sell off at the biggest education market since the transformation of UK’s education system into a privatised zone of business academies and the selling of the public services by the ConDem(ned) coalition. We start outside the ICA at 12.00 and move off from there to secret location – we will be seeking a number of indoor and outdoor locations to maximise profits.

See you there!



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