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This is an incomplete list of academic articles (quite a few old ones still to be scanned yet) and an even less complete list of journalism… More to come… [see for more, including drafts of recent history work]…

 Mutato nomine de te fabula narratur Hutnyk – Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, 2023 – Taylor & Francis Europe, to Northern Africa, for the first time, and not just for health reasons. Marx at least
goes to have a look for himself, fascinated and wanting to work, although under medical …

HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory > Vol 12, No 1 (2022) > Hutnyk Comparative urbanism and collective methodologies: Restoration projects in West Bengal and South East London
Comparative urbanism and collective methodologies: Restoration projects in West Bengal and South East London Hutnyk – HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory, 2022 – Asking who gets to compare, this paper advocates inclusive research methodologies
through a discussion of comparison and collaboration in urban anthropology. It reports on difficulties in trying to include otherwise excluded perspectives that have particular importance for port city heritage redevelopment, while asking how ethical ethnographic research can still be done. It evaluates ongoing research on two recent maritime restoration projects by considering comparative urban and heritage studies within the framework of collaborative ethnography with informal workers, the unemployed, and other local residents. It asks how to engage “new” researchers in the community to study that community—in this case, those impacted by heritage redevelopment at two sites: in South East London and West Bengal. The paper is conceived as a contribution to ethnographic methodologies in urban anthropology, arguing in support of inclusive and responsive approaches to knowledge creation in the social sciences. Full Text: PDF HTML DOI:

 An intuition of innovative new institutions LT Mai, Hutnyk – Educational Philosophy and Theory, 2020 – Taylor & Francis … of class expectations, as enacted by Do and Hutnyk in their contribution to this volume. Of …
The idea that every student is a researcher, in Do and Hutnyk, in this volume, or that union …

Saigon’s penalscape: interpreting colonial prisons in Vietnam
S Fuggle, Hutnyk – Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, 2022 – Taylor & Francis
This article explores how purpose-built museums interpret the story of colonial imprisonment
in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Prisons integral to the 100-year French colonial occupation, …

Cartoon Weapons Industry: Prejudicial news Reports and the Terrorising of Magazines  2022 Nicholas Barkdull & John Hutnyk in Media Watch

[PDF] Review Essay: Liquidity of the Sundarbans: If the Tigers and Cyclones Don’t Get You, the Law Will Hutnyk – 2019 – Taylor & Francis An outpouring of books on the Sundarbans delta and other Bengal waterways immerse us
in a new ecological analytic. An amazing liquid world churns at the end of long river systems, …

The corporate menagerie Hutnyk – Thesis Eleven, 2020 – This paper offers a typology of university management roles in the age of permanent austerity.
The repackaging of every function within the university administration as a cost centre – …

Robinson on Con Dao: Mango writing and faltering diplomacy in the precursors of Crusoe in Vietnam  in Southeast Asia Research 2021

'Robinsonades: pertaining to allegories from the East India Company in Ceylon and other islands, from Marxism to Post-structuralism, and in which, dear reader, a 300-year-old adventure book may still have something to say' in Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, 2020, 21:2, 279-286, DOI: 10.1080/14649373.2020.1766236 

‘Marx in Calcutta’, CITY 22(4) 2018: Marx in CalcuttaCITY2018

Co research in Vietnam for the anthropology classroom  In Education Philosophy and Theory, 2020, with supplement rept_a_1752187_sm3452

The Pecuniary Animus of the University in Education, Philosophy and Theory, 2020

Comparative Urban Methods ISSH2019Proceedings in the Conference Proceedings for ISSH2019

‘If the Tigers and Cyclones Don’t Get You, the Law Will’, South Asia 2019

‘The Museum of vernacular Regeneration’ in CITY journal London The museum of vernacular regeneration in CITY 2018 22.4

What did you do in the war? Revisiting the WW2 memoirs of Stoker Thomas Mouat Tate, in History and Anthropology 30(5) 2019

‘Screen Violence and Partition’, Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, 19(4) 2018

‘Mela: Festival Scenes in South Asian Cinema’ Mela 2018 Inter-AsiaHutnyk, in Inter Asia Cultural Studies 19(1) 2018

‘The Working Day’ in In-Between Fiction and Non-Fiction: Reflections on the Poetics of Ethnography in Literature and Film Edited by Michelangelo Paganopoulos, 2018, Cambridge Scholars

Cine Politics Film Stars and Political Existence in South India by M Madhava Prasad 2018, in South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies Volume 41, 2018 – Issue 1

Citizen Marx/Kane – My text on reading Capital in the cinema- with Orson Welles (in ‘Marx at the Movies’ – edited Kristensen and Mazierska collection 2014 [email me for details if needed]).

Proletarianisation’ in New Formations 2013 – abstract

with Tom Henri ‘Contexts for Distraction’ Journal for Cultural Research 2012 17(2):199-125

Beyond Television Studies‘, South Asian History and Culture, 3:4, 583-590 – 2012

Poetry After Guantanamo‘ – in Social Identities Volume 18, Issue 5 pp. 555-572 – 2012

Sexy Sammy and Red Rosie‘ in Space and Culture – 2012

Interview by State of Nature: – – 2010;

Critique of Everything Journal of the Finish Anthropological Society – 2011

Undercover transportsPDF – from What Does a Chameleon Look Like? eds Menrath & Schwinghammer – 2011;

Pantomime Paranoia in London, or, “Look Out, He’s Behind You”‘ from Popular Music and Human Rights, ed Ian Peddie – 2011 – by grace and favour of the publisher;

‘NDTV 24 X 7, the Hanging Channel: News Media or Horror Show?’ in Contemporary Indian Media and the Politics of Change, London: Routledge.  Published 2011;

Trinketization in Battleground The Media (2 Vol.) copyfrom Battleground: The Media, 2 vols – 2011;

with Laura King, ‘The Eighteenth Brumaire of Gaius Baltar’ from Breaching the Colonial Contract: Anti-Colonialism in the US and Canada, ‘Chapter Twelve – King and Hutnyk‘ [spoilers to end of BSG S03E20) – 2009;

The Politics of Cats from Stimulus Respond 2007;

Culture from Theory Culture Society New Encyclopedia Project 2006;

an article on Asian Communists in the UK from Social Identities 2005;

a piece on Fun*Da*Mental from South Asian Popular Culture 2005;

Michael Palin’s Himalaya in Journal of the Moving Image 2005;

Hybridity from Ethnic and Racial Studies 2005;

also Hybridity as ‘Contact Zones’ in shorter form at Transversal here;

Photogenic Poverty: Souvenirs and Infancy from the Journal of Visual Culture 2004;

The Chapatti Story from Contemporary South Asia 2003;

Bataille’s Wars from Critique of Anthropology 2003;

Jungle Studies from Futures 2002;

talesfromtheraj13 (1)Rethinking Marxism 2001;

Capital Calcutta from City Visions eds Bell and Haddour 2000;

Culture Move‘ on ADF: in Ghadar May 2000;

Complicity from the Assembly catalogue 2000

Hutnyk 1999 Semifeudal Cybercolonialism Technocratic Dreamtime in Malaysia – appeared in Bosma, Josephine et al (eds) 1999 Readme! ASCII Culture And The Revenge Of Knowledge, New York: Autonomedia.

Resettling Bakun: Consultancy, Anthropologists and Development, Left Curve 23, 1999;

Hybridity Saves: Authenticity and the Critique of Appropriation Amer-Asia 1999;

‘Clifford’s Ethnographica’ Critique of Anthropology, 1988;

Adorno at Womad from Postcolonial Studies 1998;

‘Media, Research, Politics, Culture: Review article’ Critique of Anthropology, 1996;

CALCUTTA CIPHER: Travellers and the City Social Analysis 32 (December 1992), pp. 53-65

‘Comparative Anthropology and Evans-Pritchard’s Nuer Photography’ Critique of Anthropology, 1990;

Clifford Geertz as a Cultural System. 1989 Social Analysis 26:91-107 (the pdf duplicates p97, sorry)

The Authority of Style Social Analysis No 21 1987


Conference Proceedings

ISSH2019 Innovations in the Humanities and Social Sciences conference October 2019 Ton Duc Thang University – Conference Proceedings in full.


FULL TEXT OF Dis-Orienting Rhythms: the politics of the new Asian dance music

Critique of Exotica

Bad Marxism: Capitalism and Cultural Studies

Pantomime Terror, Bad Marxism, Critique of Exotica, Rumour of Calcutta,

PANTOMIME TERROR: Music and Politics

Diaspora and Hybridity, Celebrating Transgression, Beyond Borders, Travel Worlds

rumour-cover127 years ago my first book was typeset and laid out in the days before electronics – well, an electric typesetting machine was plugged into a wall, but no digital file was produced. Nevertheless, I had crossed out the digital rights clause in my contract with Zed so I own this [update, though since Bloomsbury acquired zed books they seem to be selling an ebook version, which is a bit weird because I don’t have a digital copy and as in the contract I signed the electronic rights clause was removed, I own those rights – anyone want to get in touch?]. At last some kind anonymous soul has bootlegged it and set digital copy free on the nets, though its a large scanned file and the bibliography was left off (I’ve made a rough scan of the biblio but that too is a large file). Nevertheless, notwithstanding, and such like phrasings, the book is still one of which I am proud, if nothing else for trialling a way of citing tourist backpacker-informants, for its stuff on photography and maps and for the reviews it got (and indeed keeps getting discussed, for example on films – see diekmann2012) and especially for its critique of charity and what charity is for. In the context of do-gooder well-meaning hypocrisy, the effort of charity workers serves wider interests as well as their own, and only marginally any individuals they help – who would be better helped in better funded state-run facilities if the funds extracted through business-as-usual colonialism were, you know, made as reparations for the several hundred years of colonial plunder. Ah well, the critique stands up, the charity industry sadly thrives, second only perhaps to weapons in terms of so-called development, writing books does not yet always change the world as much as you’d like (and no, I did not ever think a book would single-handedly stop Mother Theresa, but…).

I would welcome new readers.

Download The Rumour of Calcutta here:  [John_Hutnyk]_The_rumour_of_Calcutta__tourism,_ch

Biblio here. Rumour biblio

And this retrieved by Toby:


In The Paper:

Too Much News In the World – Lets make some more. The Paper March 2011

Time Out for Scheherazade. The Paper April 2011


*new [old]: Ancient Journalism for Green Left Weekly (circa 1993):

Advanced Technology Park:

Advanced Technology Park 2:

PubliCITY – commissioned multi-author section of Left Curve no 29 – LC29.PUBLICity35pp-Hutnyk


Other old stuff and occasional pieces:

Technocratic Dreamtime in Malaysia, On the Multimedia Super Corridor, 1997 from Mute.

Semi-feudal Cyber-colonial: technocratic dreamtime in Malaysia – a longer text from: README! FILTERED BY ASCII CULTURE AND THE REVENGE OF KNOWLEDGE edited by Josephine Bosma, Pauline van Mourik Broekman, Ted Byfield Matthew Fuller, Geert Lovink, Diana McCarty, Pit Schultz Felix Stalder, McKenzie Wark, and Faith Wilding AUTONOMEDIA

.’Translating Appearance’ in The Devil’s Party ed Tom Bunyard 2008 (my piece starts page 50, you have the whole book here)

More to come.

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  1. Hi Dr. Hutnyk?

    I’m a former student from Manchester University Social Anthropology thing (the rasta dissertation guy who lost his mother just before course started – cool identity ha)… ok and took an interest in Gramsci, subaltern studies and others that the mr. Hutnyk tried to turn us on to…

    After starting writing and playing music again in recent years, I have recently decided to start doing a bit of AKA DEMIC reading and writing again.

    I was just doing a bookish searchy thing and wondered how John Hutnyk was doing and what he was up to… so I did a Hutnykish searchy thing and saw a few new books since last I saw you (a chance meeting in Covent Garden if I recall).

    Anyway, I just felt like saying a quick hello and am glad to see you are still doing your thing. Glad to see its working out for you ;) and thanks for helping brighten my time passing through the at times :) rather dull corridors of Manchester SA DPT…

    warm regards,


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