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Rethinking CCS?? A message for Goldsmiths Centre for Cultural Studies students:

In summer term at Goldsmiths we in CCS will have a series of workshops (three x 4 hours) at which some of the PhD students and staff of CCS will present 15 minute provocations on research futures for CCS – the idea being that we will think about organizing a new cultural revolution, inside CCS and for the wider reinvention of cultural studies more generally (slogan: attack the headquarters!). The aim is to begin rethinking and redesigning what Cultural Studies in [from?] the UK can and could be.

The idea is that we spend some time reconsidering the kind of “New Cultural Studies” (if we can call it that at all) that we practice at Goldsmiths. Practice based work, activism, philosophy, engagement, criticism, technology, transformation are put into play as broad topics. How can we both track the ways cultural studies works through attachments to existing forms of disciplinary production and how do we constitute cultural studies as an open cross-disciplinary space?

If we support a global, international, practically grounded/activist/theoretically-engaged strain of cultural studies, what kinds of teaching does it require? How should research be developed and managed? We are interested in tackling these questions speculatively and concretely and at all scales, in the way the Centre works, in what Cultural Studies is and what it does in the world.

The event is open to CCS staff, CCS students past and present, and I guess anyone who already has an established association with us – do get in touch [its not a general call as we don’t have huge amounts of space, and we are not so absurd as to think we are going to change Cultural Studies everywhere… – though that too might be suggested by some, and we could indeed do some events like this publicly when we get to the ten year anniversary of CCS at Goldsmiths next year – stay tuned].

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