Note to a friend (also to me as placemarker):

The Manifesto ​translation we have now ​seems​ pretty good, though I like the very first one in English​ in 1850​, I am sure you can guess, because the first sentence, ​”​ein gespenst geht um in Europ​a“​, which we have now as ​”​a spectre is haunting Europe​”​ was first translated, and published by the​ chartist and slavery abolitionist​,​​ Helen M​a​cFarlane​. Her rendering of that first line has it​​ ​as the immortal, ​and ​child terrifying: ​”​A frightful hobgoblin stalks throughout Europe​”​! Gotta love it. 

Macfarlane though married a vicar and died young​.

but it is probably well worth exploring her life and writing​

​This reminds me to read more about here – there is a biography​:



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