Privatisation of academia…

On the issues of weaponising research, this might be a minor quibble, but its part of the great restriction…

Of course I like what academia-edu can do for finding research papers I want, of course I hate that it seems more concerned with monetisation rather than research or politics. And the algorithm conspires to limit what it does not like – a big fat wet phooey to those who think the web is a way to publish anything by anyone, of course its not. This post, for example, compared to others that get seen, has been low on the roster, which comes as no surprise.

Hi – where can I find the transparency page that shows the salaries and stock holdings of the board of A-edu? Some transparency on this would go a long way to, well, start the discussion of the commercialisation of journals and privatisation university research that is a huge issue that needs urgent refocus of attention. Not that I think Universities are innocent in this themselves, and the very need for a-edu is facilitated by their websites having been reformatted for pecuniary gain (showing off the facilities in a recruitment drive, hiding, it seems to me, the identities of the staff that teach – especially where that effects recruitment, ie, brand name profs whose teaching is done by underpaid adjuncts). So, start here – what is the make up of the board and what are their benefits from all this effort to commodify research paid for by and large by taxpayers and students?

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