25 years since Dis-Orienting Rhythms

Tara Joshi's POTTED HISTORY OF THE 1990S BRITISH (SOUTH) ASIAN UNDERGROUND This is from Mix Mag. Fantastic to see. Except for the annoying subscribe pop ups, the content and layout of this is all that was great about the 1990s UK music scene (no not that Britpop gak) - https://mixmag.net/feature/south-asian-underground-1990s-history-series-ritu-nitin-sawhney-sweety-kapoor "A POTTED HISTORY OF THE … Continue reading 25 years since Dis-Orienting Rhythms

Stolen temple bell and replica cannon. Opium and Crimean War relics in Nottingham.

Grey rainy day walk with the kids in the Arboretum of Nottingham, the city's first park set out mid 19th Century. The park contains a monument to the thefts of the British in China and Russia. A stylised pagoda contains a replica bell (the original is stashed in a regimental hq in Preston) that was … Continue reading Stolen temple bell and replica cannon. Opium and Crimean War relics in Nottingham.

Repost: for the Olympics and the Nostalgia…

Some notes from 2012... Gunnersbury Bagh. (Kill your darlings 10) 26/04/2017 ~ JOHN HUTNYK ~ [A set of cuts that jettison the last underworked section of the book – residue of a previous plan, now offcuts in the sawdust.] Ethnography as a hobby or habit. The day off.  With comrades, significantly not anthropologists, I visited the 2012 London Mela with this … Continue reading Repost: for the Olympics and the Nostalgia…

Bataille and anti-fascist politics.

Pretty happy to see this taken seriously. Its like I was waiting for someone to reach for the falling penny. When it happens, its come with a whole new angle, or several, but most importantly Robyn Marasco finds new ways to displace the trivialisers and poseurs. The reading via Jose Esteban Munoz has a lot … Continue reading Bataille and anti-fascist politics.

Saurabh Dube. Post/de/colonial.

This is an actual event - by which I mean an important discussion that makes important moves, negotiates languages and ambiguities of the decolonial/postcolonial/colonial. There is good material here that moves us past the documentary and first steps of critical orientalism - to recall a longer complex anti-colonial history through to ... well, travel with … Continue reading Saurabh Dube. Post/de/colonial.


Die Komödie des Despotismus, die mit uns aufgeführt wird ... Der Staat ist ein zu ernstes Ding, um zu einer Harlekinade gemacht zu werden. Man könnte vielleicht ein Schiff voll Narren eine gute Weile vor dem Winde treiben lassen; aber seinem Schicksal trieb' es entgegen eben darum, weil die Narren dies nicht glaubten. Dieses Schicksal … Continue reading Letters

Lost Blue Books of India

NINTH ALL-INDIAORIENTAL CONFERENCE TRIVANDRUM DECEMBER 20th to 22nd 1937Observations taken more than acentury ago, these* papers describe many things which areno longer actual, and they are become records. Recordsnot tha​​ word recall long series of volumes edited forthe India Office and arrays of thick folios printed and issuedby several of the provincial Governments of India … Continue reading Lost Blue Books of India

Further fun with Blue Books

It seems in Sri Lanka a holy text was burnt... a 'heretical' text brought from Benares, but not burnt before it inspired the king (Kumaradasa) and some devoted souls... From: https://atelim.com/input-by-the-sri-lanka-tripitaka-project-released-by-dhammavas.html?part=38 Dipavamso Namo tassa Bhagavato Arahato Sammasambuddhassa. circa 500 AD. "In the days of Kumaradasa, King of Ceylon, there lived in the city of Southern Madura … Continue reading Further fun with Blue Books

Colonial Hyperbole, with gaps

There are some crimes that are longer-term than others... As I am finding from spending part of the morning exploring archival images, such as this one. A 'British propaganda poster from the Second World War, printed in England by A.C. Ltd, listing Britain’s 49 colonies. A soldier from the Ceylon Garrison Artillery takes pride of … Continue reading Colonial Hyperbole, with gaps

Class – and critique – in Bad Marxism, poking fun.

I was looking something up and stumbled upon a quote of me that I did not recognise - that class 'does not make much sense'. I am pretty appalled to be called left libertarian and neo-Weberian from a Northern think-tank (!!) - and completely misquoted - in this way by Ebert and Zavarzadeb in an … Continue reading Class – and critique – in Bad Marxism, poking fun.

The Rumour of Calcutta: Tourism, Charity and the Poverty of Representation

Reposted from three years ago because - the stats tell me - at least one copy has been downloaded every day this month. Either its a dedicated bot that won't give up, or someone put it on a reading list again. I never get royalties for this these days as the addresses had not been … Continue reading The Rumour of Calcutta: Tourism, Charity and the Poverty of Representation

Kill your Darlings again: Spike Lee’s faulty reparations

Another paragraph on the cutting floor: The idea of reparations going from Vietnam to the US seems obscene unless we really think international solidarity. Compared to prison memoirs, accessibility to the American reconstruction of the war is abundantly available in a series of blockbuster films (besides Rambo, Coppola's Apocalypse Now (1979), Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket … Continue reading Kill your Darlings again: Spike Lee’s faulty reparations

Spivak – citizen as agent

If you joined the Handbrick of Marxism book-launch with Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak last evening you will have seen her talk on citizens as agents, global Marx, supplementing vanguardism and other themes - tagging Ambedkar, Du Bois and Disha Ravi... incalculability, poetry of the future, redistribution, much more. A tour de force - though you need … Continue reading Spivak – citizen as agent

Weekend cruise to Serampore, Chandernagore

I really want to go on this today : << this is an article from The Telegraph newspaper in Kolkata>> : The 11-hour ride, which will have its inaugural run on February 14, will cost Rs 350 and will have one-and-a-half hour stops The “European Settlement Boat Ride” cruise vesselTelegraph picture Kinsuk Basu   |   Calcutta   |   Published 13.02.21, 01:32 … Continue reading Weekend cruise to Serampore, Chandernagore

FLP: Announcing the upcoming release of the Selected Works of Mao Zedong Vol. IX – Redspark

https://www.redspark.nu/en/theory/flp-announcing-the-upcoming-release-of-the-selected-works-of-mao-zedong-vol-ix/ This is how to do an announcement!. It is well worth reading for both what it says about translation work (as I work on the difficult texts of Bác Hồ) and for its deeply cautious and researched engagement with the GPCR "It does not serve the interests of the bourgeoisie to train younger generations … Continue reading FLP: Announcing the upcoming release of the Selected Works of Mao Zedong Vol. IX – Redspark


From the very first Tecoma Youth CYSS(tem) one to a few neat things already linked here - The Paper, Invisible Finger - I've always enjoyed the Zine scene (not too seriously): Monoscop has a pretty handy, somewhat US-ocentric, list of links: https://monoskop.org/Zine_culture Contents Events Tokyo Zinester Gathering, Café Lavandería, Tokyo, annually since c.2014.Zine Camp, WORM, … Continue reading Zines

First Sentence yet again, this time with a French accent

"La richesse des sociétés dans lesquelles règne le mode de production capitalistes'annonce comme une «immense accumulation de marchandises1».L'analyse de la marchandise, forme élémentaire de cette richesse, sera parconséquent le point de départ de nos recherches.'Marx Le Capital 1872 The first sentence of Marx's Das Kapital rendered in French (by Marx) has the riches of the … Continue reading First Sentence yet again, this time with a French accent

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The Corporate Imaginary, In Thesis Eleven August 13, 2020 Co research in Vietnam for the anthropology classroom  with Do Thi Xuan Huong, in Education Philosophy and Theory, 2020, with supplement rept_a_1752187_sm3452 The Pecuniary Animus of the University in Education, Philosophy and Theory, 2020 If the Tigers and Cyclones Don’t Get You, the Law Will, South Asia 2019 Global … Continue reading Recent stuffs: