Waste theory

Examples of advice that may not be worth the paper they are written on…

I was asked to suggest things to read for the topic:

“junk content on social media. My intended layout is
1 What is junk content?
2 Examples of spam content on social networks.
3 Solutions to limit junk content”

I dunno if I can help, but OK. Well, my first thought is good topic. Second one of course is how you will relate this to any of your course’s reading content. A final assessment is usually in large part a test of how well you have read the set texts and understood lecture topics.

Of interest might be that Marx did actually talk about junk too – well, waste, abfallen, which is often translated as shit in English –

see the blog post below – Theory of shit – yes, indecorous title, but it was 15 years ago.

You might also explore Georges Bataille’s excremental philosophy if you have the time and can search. The concept of the accursed share – read the original, not a wiki – will be of use. Glorious waste.

And Artaud – “my works are only waste matter, once they leave my body they cannot stand up by themselves” – quoted from memory from Derrida’s La Parole Soufflée in Writing and Difference 1967.

I still want one day to come back to this post on Marx from this blog 15 years ago, including the comments: https://hutnyk.wordpress.com/2007/05/08/theory-of-shit/

and this blog found when searching for mine – also ten years old – so – somewhat out of fashion topic that maybe needs a reboot up the jaksi. Certainly useful for thinking about spam.


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