Robinson Crusoe – 1902

This version of Robinson Crusoe, by the immortal Georges Méliès, was made 1902. This 12 and a half minute hand-coloured nitrate print was rediscovered and restored in 2011. The original film was 15 mins, previously only a short clip had survived. This is gold. It smashes the Pierce Brosnan/Tom Hanks versions, and all episodes of Survivor and the lamentable m-o-r of Desert Island Disks, redeeming Robinson (the colonial adventurer) for the ages, clearly it was always meant as satire (alas, Friday is still played for cheap racist laughs though).


2 thoughts on “Robinson Crusoe – 1902

  1. What a wonderful find! Having just finished reading the whole RC (all the way through to his travels in China and Siberia), this is a treat.


    1. Hope you’ll also like parts one and two of my commentary – working on part three today but its got too much for me today so I am going to crash.

      Robinson on Con Dao: Mango writing and faltering diplomacy in the precursors of Crusoe in Vietnam in Southeast Asia Research 2021

      ‘Robinsonades: pertaining to allegories from the East India Company in Ceylon and other islands, from Marxism to Post-structuralism, and in which, dear reader, a 300-year-old adventure book may still have something to say’ in Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, 2020, 21:2, 279-286,

      Email for copies if you can’t grab em easily.


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