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I have been meaning for so long to post this picture – with signature – of Barbara Stanwyck, the most fabulous screen legend ever to ever to ever, forever. I mean, why should I be the only lucky one to see this picture every day? It was a birthday gift from Rebecca who knows about such things (thank you) and if you have not seen movies like: The lady Eve (1941), The bitter Tea of General Yen (1933), Double Indemnity (1944) and Meet John Doe (1941), then you gotta do that NOW! Later you can catch the episodes of The Big Valley you might have missed on early morning television come down. And for real laughs, the fabulous Red Salute (1935) about communists on campus in the US in the 1920s/30s (an heiress and her red beau, the capitalist father kidnaps her and exiles her to south America for deprogramming or some such – a film which was variously re-released over the next ten years with and increasingly anti-communist rebranding: aka “Her Enlisted Man” (USA), aka “Her Uncle Sam” (USA: reissue title), and best of all aka “Runaway Daughter” (USA: reissue title).

Kath Bird is responsible for originally dragging me along to see “The lady Eve” which started this obsession, oh about 15 years ago. Red Salute Kath…


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  1. I happened upon John’s post and could not agree more. I, too came to Stanwyck late, eariler than John , but way after her movie career. I first, as many of my baby boomer generation, discovered stanwyck as Victoria Barkley and from there her films. I was blown away with her versatilitiy, ability, senuality, force etc. I love The Lady Eve, Double Imdemnity, Ball of fire, Meet Joe Doe, Stella Dallas,and most of other her films (I think I’ve seen 70 of them so far)and her Westerns –the good, bad and indifferent vehiclesbecause she always gave a great performance. I great actress I can watch for hours; gone, but hopefully not forgotten.

    BTW thanks for the picture- would love to see more. Would love to talk to other Stanwyck fans. I can be reached at


  2. hiya

    its a great pic. Who knows the best biography to read of Babs? There must be dozens.



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