paris to die for our sins

this may be a little late and I’ve lost the date – might have been April 1 – but its another of those items I have carried around for ages in a lint laden coat pocket after ripping it from a newspaper in amazement: Big News: Paris Hilton is slated to play MA T in a film about the god-bothering ‘grizzly hell bat’ who, in the words of the then-interesting-but-now-recidivist, C.Hitchens was guilty of ‘peddling the pope’s henious policy of compelling the faithful to breed’ – ie, anti-abortion, contraception, etc. So, Paris gets to play the simple life (Calcutta style) but this time without Nicole, or is she gonna get the role of drink-drive victim Diana? And of course I also wonder who will play Enva Hoxha, whom the diminutive Albanian met and later laid flowers on the grave thereof. I did recently meet the British Communist M-L group who described themselves as Enva-ist, and advocated following the old comrades version of marxist-leninist-maoist-hoxha-ite thought. Truly way out there, these Albanians.

Now, I have never been to the fair land of Albania, but I did see in person the dubious activities of this particularly scary little nun, and even met her very briefly once at some city event where we were lined up as if for slaughter. She counsels her workers to ‘love till it hurts’ but could not use her organisation’s massive wealth to actually cure anyone, since to do so would either interrupt old Bog’s heavenly plan, or offer false hope to those who could not get to the top of the waiting list… So, love em till it hurts meant ‘volunteers’ came and cuddled people who were ill, and yes dying, but not necessarily always beyond medical care, just denied it. Charity is about image after all. The pope came to Calcutta too once, in his pope-mobile… but anyways, the best bit about this news item is the suggestion that: ‘a computer generated image showed a close facial match between the hotel heiress and the Albanian-born nun’. Makes you fear for the day machines take over eh? The article also references Paris’s previous movie experience – a predictable slur I guess. I say why not give Paris the job? Sure, she could hardly be less irritating, and is likely to be better, miraculously even best at what she does. Praise the Lord.


4 thoughts on “paris to die for our sins

  1. I saw Mother T speak once. In El Salvador, during the civil war there, near the end with already close to 70,000 dead. Everyone was so excited in what is of course a very Catholic country: a living saint! Come to visit us! Moreover, you’d have thought that there was a thing or two about poverty, suffering, injustice etc. that she could have mentioned.

    But no. Her whole speech dealt with the sins of abortion.

    Hardly the real issue of the moment. For everyone, one big let-down.


  2. I found this blog surfing.

    Let us not forget Paris Hilton’s famous video, “A Night In Paris.” She was at her best there.

    Mother T was irritating.


  3. yes, but only as prez (or “comradde number one”) of the CP in a Red USA, and I gues we’d have to put her through her paces in re-education camp first. And co-opt Christine Ricci to the central committee, along with Brian and Twist from Spaced (I guess they could be ambassadors the Socialist Federation of Europe).


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