This Rolling Stone

An amazing image of Keef Richard – as (mis)represented by The Sun newspaper yesterday (10 May 06), after his second brain operation. Story goes that he fell from a coconut tree, and/also maybe from a jetski, had an initial op, is rumoured to have checked himself out of hospital – rock and roll! – but with continued headaches (go figure) he had to go back in to have a hole drilled in his skull to release the build up of blood. Allegedly through extended drug use he’s got clotting problems, though I suspect this is just a gratuitous use of the incident to score anti-drug points.

So, why is The Sun scheming up these gratuitous diagrammatic images, with the same entertainment sentimentality that we see so often on the 10pm BBC evening news (its not just a lowbrow tabloid that does this). The graphs and re-creations… I remember in the first weeks of the gulf war (2) the Guardian newspaper had, in nearly every issue, a two page map of Iraq. I was saying then they should sell the paper with a little plastic bag full of soldiers and tanks stuck to the front, then we could play strategy on the map just like George and Tony were doing (so badly).

Gnnnnng. So, have some respect for the great stones guitarist – just because it seems like he’s gonna go on and on forever, doesn’t mean its easy to get around with a tap in your head.


2 thoughts on “This Rolling Stone

  1. Good luck to Keef – it’s amazing that he’s still going after all he’s put his body through – or should that be after all he’s put through his body? I guess it’s to be expected that the Sun would make up a picture like that – it’s a well known fact that Sun “readers” only buy the rag to look at the pictures.


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