Rejection journal.

Found in my notebooks from 2019: a proposal.

Journal for Rejected Papers of Persistence and Perseverance

   Aims and scope.

   This journal, set up to the standards that will disqualify it for indexing with the major rank indexing agencies, aims to publish work that has been rejected. Show us three negative evaluations that show no substantive reasons beyond ‘not suited to our readership’ and we will quickly consider and decide on publication on the basis of ill-focussed screenshots of existing reviews. Articles that are ‘too experimental’ are ‘not aligned with current disciplinary trends’ or are ‘lacking in reference to the established tradition’ or those which forgo any proper appreciation of the centrality of the rejecting journal for all and any discipline, and most grievously disrespectful of the work of the reviewer, especially reviewer number 2, will be especially welcome. We will also publish articles rejected for reasons that are spurious or nepotistic – not citing the editor/ reviewer’s work on x or exceeding the word limits by 100 words or less. Pedantic or institutionally biased rejections will be fast-tracked to publication. Political insensitivity, ultra leftism, overuse of Adorno, Heidegger or Spivak, allegation of jargon, in-group jokes or partisan disregard for ‘balance’ would all be grounds for rejection that we will take pleasure in ignoring.

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