In recovery

After two months of radio four brainwash, it is good to be in recovery, getting back to normal with Radio M-L and happy to leave the sinking remain/brexit isles to its terminal fester (both ‘sides’ continue to ruin any minimal potential there was in that). I admit I was entertained, mildly, by the easy distraction of the Tory party leader election teacup tempest. Slightly deflating, the spectacle after Boris was one of squalid sump oil dwellers spending all their airtime battling it out with nothing-for-brains, seeking the helm of a steampunk death-ship called Government, as if by right. Of course the Labour alternative under any of the current corporate pirate-raider types would be just as unseaworthy – as they all float away into the nether Atlantic, far from relevance, as is their driftwood ambition. Sigh.

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