On Bandstand (the actual Bandstand at Clapham Common – 5.5.2012)


This Saturday Clapham Bandstand, South London :
Open Air Lecture on Karl Marx’s ‘Das Kapital’ 3.00 pm Saturday 5th May 2012
by Prof John Hutnyk who teaches Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths College, University of London.
With careful attention to the political and educational intent of Marx’s writing, and looking closely at translation and its consequences, the big book ‘Das Kapital’ is a surprisingly accessible and still inspiring read. Relevant in different ways yet again, for new readers in new times, it is possible still to learn something from the old man with a beard.


3 thoughts on “On Bandstand (the actual Bandstand at Clapham Common – 5.5.2012)

  1. Was a good, if bitter cold, way to spend the old beardo’s birthday. Thanks to the mobilisation of the masses, all 25 of you :) red salute


    1. Thanks John for such a warming talk on such a cold day. Also in attendance most of the under fives of Clapham Common on bike, buggy, and scooter!


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