Notes for the Clapham Common Bandstand Marx talk:

Is everything OK? Is this the best of all possible worlds?

Boris and the city

Everything for capital, even redeeming the banks with a bike branding scheme

The olympiss

The city as machine for life now also an enclosure – dialectical reading of history

Marx moves, as we read, as implied living readers (Spivak)

Jameson and unemployment – especially youth, but also those moved out

Think all workers together – Lumpen floating, stagnant, latent, us.

Why is it still so easy for the mainstream ‘Left’ to excise foreign workers from its thinking

British jobs for British Workers was not a shop floor position but one of the bosses slogans that seek to manage work flows/ borders for capital

Precarious workers and race, also overlooked/glossed away in talk of ‘multitude’ (Mitropoulis, Negri-Hardt)

Yet great initiatives in new thinking on social reproduction in the City, the unexamined gift of labour in the family home which supports capital (Barbagallo Federici, Fortunati), or in the community – more and more subject to monetization. Even our fone calls and our ‘friends’ are calculated, timed and circulated as ‘Value’ (which is not value)

Super-adequacy of Labour power and decisions, made collectively, as to how to use the surplus to distribute and replicate a thousand pleasure now

Sportscars for all, not just the ruling class

No return to feudal (austerity). What is required to win, rather than meek polite thinking small and righteous.

[this took 2.5 hours – then another two hours in the Bread and Roses pub (with dodgy Iranian Moaists, E&S, FA Cup crowd, and people from P-C and the SP – Love you all, ‘cept Chelsea FC not so much)]


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  1. so the spirit of William Morris moves among the people- at least in the workers beer company pub…


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