You can eat your cake and read him too

A gloriously delicious birthday cake (yes, I am 45 in a week) arrived at the start of the Marx reading group last night – this slightly out of focus pic does not do it justice at all. Proof was in the eating. It was so much better than “Godfrey’s cordial” (mentioned on p518n) and took all pain away (521, 522, 587 – see as an alternative the section on baking on 358). Thanks to everyone, but especially Janina and Jeff who baked the bearded one. But also, folks, thanks for the chocolate version, with candle, Andy, Daisy, whoever was responsible. And happy birthday Mark too. Now how do I deal with this hangover? I have a class in two hours. Gulp of cordial perhaps would help.


4 thoughts on “You can eat your cake and read him too

  1. Happy 45. Hey nice cake!

    My birthday was also this monday (33).



  2. He, he, he, but doesn’t he look a bit like Santa? And, as you know, Santa Karl only give handouts for Good Marxists, and a Good Marxist you are not, John. Anyways, now you are half way to 90. Good work! /Victor


  3. John kindly gave us the last piece. It was the best Marx cake we have ever eaten! How did you do it? The chocolate hammer & sickle was a nice touch. Thanks Nat & Silvia


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