I said the first rule of humour was that you had to be funny, so the cartoon controversy fails badly on that score.

But the other thing I would say about it all is that clearly it took just *this* storm in a teacup to get people actually talking about the teacup war. Blair and Bush keep serenading us as if nothing was wrong – slurp, slurp – but its pretty certain, comrade Bliar, that everything is wrong. The controversy over cartoons is a displacement, in a kind of denial side-step, of some very serious issues that no-one wants to name. The comedy of it is that everyone knows the war on terror is not funny, not a joke, not at all humour. Yet no-one can talk about it, all critiques are silenced. The thing the cartoons have achieved is to get both ‘sides’ shouting at each other – admittedly over the wrong thing, but at least not pussy footing around each other any more. The real and deep parameters of the problem are inversely revealed in the triviality of the issue at hand.

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    [go Chavez… Malvinas for the Argies… Blair is way out of order saying anyone is not democratic. look to your own house first, maggie b maggie b]


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