ISSH2021 conference agenda and abstracts

These are the abstracts and agenda for the 2nd International Conference on Innovations in the Social Sciences and Humanities 2021 (17th-18th Dec 2021). Some 75 papers are included, with half from scholars in Vietnam, the rest from 25 other countries. Of course, as the conference is also online, which means something of a juggle in scheduling, the conference traverses time-zones as if they were almost invisible, porous borders – as really, to some extent, aren’t they all – but nevertheless, we think a global conviviality can prevail. The conference is on zoom and in person at Ton Duc Thang University in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, 17-18 December 2021 (next week as I write) and participation is free – on filling a registration form at J

In which I talk to my class about the content of the upcoming conference at TDTU –


Visit the conference website: to register


Disuss the programme on


Maybe you are an anthropologist – a vid in which I talk about what is interesting for anthros


To attand as a guest (no fee), please register here

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