30 Minute Methods at TDTU – Ken Fero

This has a shaky start because the zoom settings were wacko, But after a minute its much better. Ken Fero talks on obstinate memory under the title: ‘Documentary as memory when dealing with national trauma through state violence‘

The next talk in this series is on Tuesday November 30, 2021, at 4pm HCMC.

Dr Jack Boulton, Leuven Uni, Belgium:

‘TV, film and literature sci-fi as part of the new literary turn in anthropology’

Seminars via Zoom (email Johnhutnyk@tdtu.edu.vn for the zoom link) all held at 4pm Ho Chi Minh City time – that’s 2.30pm in Kolkata, 9pm in Melbourne, 10am in Western Europe, 9am on Airstrip one, 4am in NYC (sozz).

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