Terror as Usual – in your face.

This was a strangely relevant welcome to the ‘Terror as usual’ workshop held at Birkbeck – a huge on topic poster in the foyer. pic.twitter.com/SdVeM1kN (thanks Shaku, Jodi, Saleh, Judy, Chris, Rachel, and others for turning out). 

Can anyone name this piece of State Terror kit shown in the poster? – it really dominates the room – bet they are topgun proud. [Alan adds: ‘it’s one of the RAF’s many Tornados, currently being phased out and replaced by the Eurofighter Typhoon (that cost more than 10 times as much) and soon the F-35 stealth fighters’ – thanks… Such a great poster – 30 feet by 20. I want. (A tornado I mean, not the poster)]

My ‘terror as usual’ talk was from an article in much expeanded format – here – I’ll send a pdf on request.


2 thoughts on “Terror as Usual – in your face.

  1. It is a tornado – used in Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan and lately in Libya. You are observant- I missed it. However, Prof Ron Smith who is at Birbeck gave the talk on 29 March 2012. It was 25 of May yesterday. Clearly we normally advertise before the event to get an audience. The question is does the poster which is now past by its use date signify something else? Are the students and academics brought up to see not ‘state terror’ but legitimate state power for defence, a lie that is inculcated over a long period by the hegemonic ideological apparatus. Ron Smith has just written a book on Military economics- the interaction between power and money. May be an interesting read to hear what this ‘organic intellectual’ of the ruling elite is saying.


    1. Yup, a Tornado. Adam got there first with the answer so he wins a free flight as soon as I get my hands on one of these. The poster being still up months after the event did make me think there was something eventful about it, given the event we were at and all.


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