‘secrecy and control are becoming obsessions…’

last-cylon-greaseup-1.jpgThey say…. sci-fi.com will stream the first episode of BSG series four on the 4th of the 4th…

There is a longer promo clip here (well, longer than any of the others I have seen – and I have also been reading the spoilers which [claim to] give away much more than this little snippet). http://www.scifi.com/index.php

Only “Forces of Nature” runs for now. The others I guess in due course… (or are they old).

The newest issue of “Stimulus Respond” is out also – the Utopia issue – with Laura King’s and my piece on comets/bsg for your edification.


2 thoughts on “‘secrecy and control are becoming obsessions…’

  1. Damn, need to get my system clean for smooth streaming. And probably should spend the next 2 days re-watching the previous 3 series, just to get in the mood. If one has to OD on something, BSG seems a relatively harmless option…


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