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Google Mail – Land Mines A Love Story wins Best Documentary at the AFI Awards!

Land Mines – A Love Story by the acclaimed Australian director Dennis O’Rourke, has just won the award for ‘Best Documentary’ at the prestigious 2005 Australian Film Institute Awards! The film is a compelling anti-war film set in Afghanistan, a country that has become synonymous with conflict. It is also a story of romance and a celebration of life, hope and love.

Land Mines – A Love Story is now available on DVD through Ronin Films. If you are interested in screening the film or purchasing a DVD copy of the film please contact Ronin Films:

Email: orders@roninfilms.com.au

Phone on: +61 2 6248 0851

Or visit the direct link on Ronin Film’s website: http://www.roninfilms.com.au/video/1887017/0/2411726459.html

Please also visit the official Land Mines – A Love Story website and help spread the word about the film by signing up to our mailing list or participating in grassroots activities: http://www.landmines-a-love-story.comhttp://www.landmines-a-love-story.com/grassroots.html


Mike Crang has been consistently sharp, so I like his stuff… He writes:

“However, we also need to inject some dynamism here – the tourist is not just someone who has a particular cultural baggage or who responds to a given culture of a destination. These two elements are mutually constituting, and from this it follows that both place and person may change, and change the other. For instance, rumours help shape expectations of visitors (Hutnyk, 1996; O’Hara, 2001) circulating, not just in a one-way street from marketers to audience, but among tourists, as in Hutnyk’s description of ‘the endless flow of indo-babble’ (p. 145) about stories told about going to India, having been to India, and so forth.”

from: Crang, Dr Michael (2004) Cultural geographies of tourism, in Lew, Alan and Hall, C Michael and Williams, Allan, Eds. A companion to tourism, pages 74-84. Blackwell.

Indian Curry Powder – theory of translation

I am first of all against translation as it is mad, its impossible, it cannot ever be true to origins, its a kind of violence, it is always political, it transforms, it is creative, it is heroic to try, it is the essence of communicability, it is exchange, it disrupts parochialism, it is the foundation of internationalism, it is what we all should be trying to do, it is the most revolutionary activity, it is social, it is life itself, I am for it.

[Thanks Kaori for trinkets from Japan].

Backpacker Politics: "Just Cause 11"

We Have deployed one of our agents to bring “Trinketization” to the new world! Last night, as a representative of the Australian Government in exile [a whole other story], I attended the formal send off for the “Just Cause 11” New Europe at Guantanamo project of Thomas Herzen, who has a box [see pic, trinkets in a box, who’d have thought it!] he plans to carry to Guantanamo in a boat filled with backpackers he meets in Jamaica. They will sail to Cuba, where his chosen weapon, with which to scare the American service peronnel away and to liberate the base, will be aggressively loud Beethoven. This seemed to be considered plausible to some of the other dignitaries at the send off, but several of those there I admit were artists who had travelled from north London, without a trinkets pass even [we sent them packing – hi John – The A.G.i. E. would of course use more potent weaponry, including Nick Cave and, well, heat seeking missiles or some such].

Meanwhile, Thomas has been set a secondary mission [by the A.G.i.E], whch is to bring back documentary evidence to substantiate the rumour that the Guantanamo base – that he plans to liberate with the Eroica – was, once, the holiday home of a certain William Randolph Hearst. [His granddaughter Patti is a special emmissary of the A.G.i.E on account of her diplomatic roles in the films of John Waters – yet another story]. Anyway – to the point. Thomas Herzen left for Kingston, enroute by boat to Cuba, adn you can follow his progress over the next few weeks here.

Here is the original project brief: “This is what’s going to happen: On Nov 18, the European representatives, Thomas Herzen and embedded journalist Ulla Hvejsel, leave the Parallel Action Control Room in the House Gallery in London carrying Europe in a box. They head for Heathrow to board an Air Jamaica plane bound for Kingston. On Jamaica they go to Port Antonio (earlier considered the banana capital of the world) on the north eastern coast. From here they set out in a boat and sail towards the American zone of emergency, Guantánamo Bay. In a seaside assault they batter the American soldiers with Furtwängler’s 1944 recording of Beethovens Third Symphony, Eroica. When the Americans have fled, they install the contents of the box on the territory, thus Guantánamo Bay is turned into a huge European, colonial, spatial installation”.

Fat chance! But in the absence of any other successful effort to get the inmates out of Guantanamo (its been four years!) throwing trinkets at them seems useful, even heroic. Go Tom! [Endoresed by the A.G.i.E. on this day, November 19, 2005, Kennington, London].

fox cat grasshopper scarecrow

The exquisite corspe writing thing from Carrie Clanton’s Representation lecture on surrealism at Goldsmiths today. “The fox jumped over the sleeping cat; the grasshoppwer wept onto her tongue; and so the scarecrow went to bed”.


More Maoist views on the French Intifada

Sketchy Thoughts: Should We Accuse Sarkozy and the Government of All Things Evil, Or Should We Dare to Radically Criticize the State?

Maoists views on the French Intifada


Maoists views on the French Intifada.

Sketchy Thoughts: The Decision to Impose Curfews and the Prefects

dora the explorer

dora the explorer hits the bustling metropolis of samut prakarn

Mieke’s Freedom and Stuff.

So maybe finally I taught someone something about using these new fandangled machines (hardly anything, but you can now get RSS feeds on this TMSI) .

I like the Freedom and Stuff routines..

and quotes like:
“thus: coldplay is all of radiohead‘s worst songs rolled into one.”
“either way, i’d have a field day re- staging my rants about the lack of originality of the likes of tolkien, who’s fans like to claim it’s like totally the most original story line ever and have apparently missed humanity’s narrative schtick about the battle between good and evil.fantasy is only for those severely lacking in it”.

So, worth a visit, with RSS feed, to – http://andthemiekeshallinherit.blogspot.com/


Massive complexity of the capitalist production system has meant basic contradictions have been exaggerated into highly irrational forms: high levels of surplus Capital and productive capacity combine with low levels of surplus production at the very time such product reserves could extend prosperity to the majority of people on the planet.

The resulting disorganization leads to the emergence of a super rich elite alongside a dispossessed poor; unprecedented levels of unemployment alongside housing and credit booms and low actual growth. Perpetual war and government by fear – the state no longer offers welfare but trades its incapacity to positively effect change for the glory of protecting us all from fabricated threats – terror, natural disasters, meteors or bird- flu.

Fear. All these fears: bird-flu, terrorists, asteroids, Martians, Muslims, seem to me to be displaced fears of something quite different, or at least they trade on a cascade of related fears hiding a more basic inadequacy. As Simone de Beauvoir is reported to have said (e.g. Jameson 2005:332), its pointless to worry about death, such fears are most likely expressions of other anxieties, in this case the feeling that one has not (yet) lived. The solution is to live, not cower helplessly before God (or Capital). Certainly New Labour anxieties about unknown threats that would destroy us all are quite possibly displacements of a deeper malaise which indicates a self diagnosis by Labour of its own social democratic ineffectuality. Nothing to be done but hang on… a disastrous policy.
[glam pic nicked from ICA-D – thanks]

Paganopoulos on Keith Hart

When Weber Met Durkheim: The Visions of Keith Hart for a ‘New World Society’ as Prophecy of a New Order’

By Michelangelo Paganopoulos

“…Hart’s above reading of ‘anthropology’ as a moral, and therefore, religious force has been severely criticized in the past as ‘imperialist’, allegedly following the political neo-liberal agenda of the only dominant power, the US. Hutnyk has repeatedly underlined the problem of representation in anthropology (1996, 2004) in a humorous and bitter way. Anthropology is based on travelling, and Hutnyk has highlighted the violence caused on a local level from colonialism to tourism:

“Asking if the violence of slavery was TRAVEL does at least raise questions about the violences underlying all travel, including that which enables ethnographic projects, such as the colonial power that makes the world safe for ethnographers and tourists” (Hutnyk, 2004: 23).

For Hart, the above bitter but honest readings of anthropology as a discipline point to the “crisis of the intellectuals” (Hart, 2004:14-7)…”

By Gum – another mad saatchism.

By Gum – another Saatchism from the Tory propagandists – everyone should sign up to this just to see how mad it might be. Global intelligence?? Who makes this stuff up? Its gotta be a prank…

GUM; Saatchi & Saatchi’s latest brainchild, is preparing to launch CULT-GEISTT – its global intelligence network. At GUM we match brands & talent to create entertainment-based properties targeted towards reaching urban youth.

CULT-GEISTT is GUM’s Global Intelligence Network; a critical building block that allows us to credibly understand global/youth culture.

We’re now looking to recruit ‘CULT-GEISTERS’ into our network – those who know what’s going on and who are passionate about culture and their local scene. CULT-GEISTERS build cultural maps to add significance and credence to GUM’s strategic solutions and entertainment-based brand embedded properties.

You essentially become one of our CULT-GEISTT ethnographers and we look to you to be responsible for gathering audio/visual documentation about any given topic.

We are now at the beginning phases of CULT-GEISTT and have grand plans for it to become its own cultural entity and eventually its own business.

If you are interested in getting involved with CULT-GEIST or wish to receive further information about what we do here at GUM, please

Jackie Ratcliffe: gumfac@googlemail.com

Cops/army Campus!!!

Two stories from the Education press that I really hope are a wind up. Crikey. [click to enlarge]

Howard Potter

Dr Howard Potter. While on the topic of PhD students, another of my supervisees gained a gong today. Howard Potter submitted his bound manuscripts to Senate House, Uni of London, (two copies – topic, the Sachsenhausen museum in Oranienberg) and so he becomes the third Goldsmiths PhD I’ve seen through – look out world! Howard is coming with us to the AFL at the Oval on saturday 8th – and he has a fantastically provocative chapter in the “Celebrating Transgression” book – (see books pages link for that). Congratulations Howard, Red Salute.

Im Kwon-Taek: The History Man’s Long and Winding Road

A shout out to Nikki Lee who recently completed her PhD with me in CCS. Here she is soon after the viva. Congratulations.

Check out Nikki’s recent article in “Firecracker” on Im Kwon-Taek:
Im Kwon-Taek: The History Man’s Long and Winding Road

Hybridity – Elements of a Theory

Hybridity – Elements of a Theory – Roger Clarke.


Pages Prepared as Background Information for an Invited Presentation to the Ars Electronica 2005 Symposium on Hybrid – Living in Paradox, Linz, Austria, 2-3 September 2005

“In both cases, over time, assimilation occurs, and both the newcomer and the host adapt, resulting in one or more hybrid cultural forms; and in both cases cultural and perhaps authority relationships remain with the newcomer’s origins, and perhaps with other outposts, resulting in diaspora, and hence additional sources of cross-and retro-fertilisation (e.g. Kalra V., Kahlon R.K. & Hutnyk J. (2005) ‘Diaspora and Hybridity’ Sage, September 2005).”

History without Warranty

Goldsmiths Centre for Cultural Studies MA and phD students run a Seminar Programme and have invited Saurabh Dube to speak. He’s responsible for keeping me up talking late last night, and I guess this will happen a few more times over the next week as he is an old comrade I’ve known for many years (since we met in Germany in 1997). Check out his book Stitches On Time. Talk details below. (Hi Ishita)

From Maude…

The first session of SEPRO will be held in MB350 at 3 PM on
Monday September 26th.

“History without Warranty: Questions of Modernity, Colony, and the Post-colony” by Saurabh Dube

This talk will explore issues of power and difference in relation to the colonial and the postcolonial, nation and modernity, each understood as concept and entity.

Saurabh Dube is Professor of History at the Center for Asian and African Studies at El Colegio de Mexico in Mexico City. His authored books include Stitches on Time: Colonial Textures and Postcolonial Tangles (2004), Untouchable Pasts (1998), as well as a trilogy in historical anthropology in the Spanish language. Among his edited volumes are Postcolonial Passages (2004) and Enduring Enchantments (2002).

Hope to see you there!


Fashioning ethnicities

If you have Sage electro access, check out Claire Dwyer and Philip Crang 2002 “Fashioning ethnicities: the commercial spaces of multiculture”, Ethnicities, 2(3): 410-30 ()

Ghadar – Culture Move: On Asian Dub Foundation

Culture Move: On Asian Dub Foundation by John Hutnyk
Ghadar: A Publication of the Forum of Indian Leftists
Volume 4: Number 1, May 1 2000

Steve Wright

“Pondering Information and Communication in Contemporary Anti-Capitalist Movements” From The Commoner. July 2001.


Bad Marxism: Capitalism and Cultural Studies, Pluto 2004

Hutnyk packs more dynamite in his sentences than any other writer I know.’ Amitava Kumar, Penn State University

Cultural Studies commonly claims to be a radical discipline. This book thinks that’s a bad assessment. Cultural theorists love to toy with Marx, but critical thinking seems to fall into obvious traps. / After an introduction which explains why the ‘Marxism’ of the academy is unrecognisable and largely unrecognised in anti-capitalist struggles, Bad Marxism provides detailed analyses of Cultural Studies’ cherished moves by holding fieldwork, archives, empires, hybrids and exchange up against the practical criticism of anti-capitalism. Engaging with the work of key thinkers: Jacques Derrida, James Clifford, Gayatri Spivak, Georges Bataille, Homi Bhabha, Michael Hardt and Toni Negri, Hutnyk concludes by advocating an open Marxism that is both pro-party and pro-critique, while being neither dogmatic, nor dull.

Pluto Press 2004

Makers Mark

Hi. This is a test. The next one is a pic of Sean James and I (me in the middle, makers mark bourbon in hand – they can send me a crate of the stuff for this free product placement). Ha Ha. John

Cheap copies of books at Pluto Summer Sale

Welcome to Pluto Press:

Capitalism and Cultural Studies
John Hutnyk
Publication Date: June, 2004 / Extent: 264pp / Size: DEMY (215x135mm)
PB: 0745322662 –
Discount offer: �10.99 – $17.00 – �16.00 View Cart
Critical political analysis of how Cultural Studies has used and abused Marxism, offering a close reading of Derrida and Negri. “


CRITIQUE OF EXOTICA: Music, Politics and the Culture Industry
John Hutnyk
Publication Date: November, 2000 / Extent: 256pp / Size: DEMY (215x135mm)PB: 0745315496
Discount offer: £5.00 – $9.25 – €7.50 Hutnyk challenges academic complicity in the reification of exotica, cutting through media hype to offer a critique of music, race,