Trinkets – Brand – Trinketization??

you can track back through this blog to see I was keen on Russell Brand back in the days when he did his doco on the young BNPs. which was all fair and even handed, like. Ha. Then his Big Bro stuff was good – the movies were like some contagion had stolen (not even taken over) his brain, before the JemPaxman Damascus Highway conversion, and much good that has followed despite the millionaire ‘ordinary’ people conversation with Millicent/Malevolent. OK, NOW, I see its a trinkets thing, I am amused indeed. Since ‘all profit goes back into social enterprise’ can I nominate trinketization as such? Do we need to register as a collective agency (its always been a front). Russ, Russ? Ha ha – I propose CPI M-L TND group as worthy social enterprisers (address n applications). (CPI ML TND = towards new democracy section of Bengal MLs).

trinkts – trinketising – trinketization
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Tomorrow Never Knows #drones

DroneAbeDrone 1

from The Japan Times, 24.4.2015, these two drone pics, the first the radioactive visitor to Abe’s roof, the second a battle ready stealth killer. Then two different drones, the cartoon one involving, well, subtle cultural appropriation I guess, very subtle, both really. Varieties of droning on, and this without even mentioning the Wagner prelude (Das Rheingold). The constant C major of ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ is less ominous than the Eb of Wagner, but any sound of drones should have you running for cover. In the JT, the cute little one gets front page (it is radioactive apparently, so not that cute), and the big super deadly looking one was buried on page eight. There was also a story about drones being used to smuggle contraband into prisons, which was a nice touch – on page 12.

and additionally, this little film on drones and surveillance society starts with quotes from kwark:

Sai Baba hunger strike

Often spoken as our guest in London. It was always difficult to get him a visa, and/or permission from his college to visit, and their shabby treatment of him in relation to accommodation… Now this… [he is in prison for having links with Maoists allegedly, and for being a member of a proscribed terrorist organisation – see link to mainstream press. More as I get it]


Dr, G N Saibaba, Delhi University Professor, who has been in incarceration since 9th May, 2014 has commenced an indefinite hunger strike from 11-04-2015 demanding proper medical treatment and food, both of which are being denied to him by the authorities of the Nagpur Central Prison.

 Dr. Saibaba, who is presently lodged in the notorious Anda Barrack of the Nagpur Prison has been denied bail twice by the Sessions Court, Gadchiroli and once by the Nagpur Bench of Bombay High Court. 

In the last order by the Sessions Court dated 4th March, 2015 the Sessions Judge referred to the reports of the Superintendent and the Chief Medical Officer of the Nagpur Central Prison which, while admitting the delicate medical condition of Saibaba, stated that he was being treated at the Government Medical College Hospital as well as the Super Speciality Hospital in Nagpur and that they were providing food supplements as per his medical requirements. 

It was on the basis of such reports that bail on medical grounds was denied to Saibaba.

However, despite such claims by the prison authorities made before the court, the prison administration has not only continued to deny him proper medical treatment and food supplements, but also now even stopped certain items that were earlier allowed to him.

Faced with a situation of a steady deterioration in his health condition, Saibaba has decided to protest and has completely stopped taking food from Saturday.

His lawyers, who met him on Monday, 13th April, 2015, immediately submitted a memorandum to the DIG (Prisons) East Region, the prison authority under whose jurisdiction the Nagpur Prison falls. 

The official however merely received the memorandum and refused to respond to the issues raised by Saibaba. He did not even indicate any willingness to allow the essentials that the prison report to the court has stated that they were providing.

Immediate action is called for to protect the life of Dr. G N Saibaba and obtain his release.