Shopping is civil war in Hate mag.

Arbeit – Freizeit – Schlaf ist das scheinbar in Stein gemeißelte Triumvirat des idealen Alltags im Kapitalismus. Der Mensch stellt seine Arbeitskraft zur Verfügung, um existenzielle Bedürfnisse zu befriedigen, aber auch um sich Sachen leisten zu können, die ihn in seiner Freizeit von der zu ablenken, damit er möglichst schnell wieder bereit für selbige ist. Der britische Kulturwissenschaftler John Hutnyks hat sich in seinem Aufsatz Shopping is Civil War anhand unterschiedlicher Musikvideos mit dem Irrsinn des Shoppings in der warenförmigen Gesellschaft beschäftigt:

By John Hutnyk

Six supermarkets featured in six music videos. In different ways, I can see why these clips go together and it is not merely arbitrary. It worries me that all my life seems headed for the aisles; shopping surrounds me with monstrous collections of commodities.

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Mobs, Gangs, Rogues… & The Lumpen

This is a repost from this blog, ten years ago…

As we approach the 40th [now *50th] Anniversary of the founding of the BPP it may be worth remembering that music and politics produced some fine and dandy sounds: Here they are (click the link) The Lumpen – a Black Panther Party Revolutionary Singing group

The Lumpen were: “comrades who liked to harmonize while working Distribution night in San Francisco to “help the work go easier” (another tradition). We had all sung in groups in the past, Calhoun having performed professionally in Las Vegas, and it just came naturally. I don’t remember just how it came about, but Emory Douglas, Minister of Culture, suggested that this could be formed into a musical cadre. Elaine Brown had already recorded an album of revolutionary songs (Seize the Time) in a folk singing style, and this quartet singing in an R&B or “Soul” form could be a useful political tool. Some folks don’t read, but everybody listens to music”.

another new vid from the album A Philosophy of Nothing by Fun-Da-Mental

Lyrics – from Shamil Khan\s FB

Selected lyrics translated from Arabic

Levels, being stacked upon levels
The meaning of these words?
Who does divulge?
Who is the creator? The beneficent!
And what know ye of the thumping star? Telling signs, that we have not seen before. Follow.

Trees and grasses, sprout in the desert.
The green has overcome the crust.

Profit, we only bill the orphans and the elderly.
The murderer.
The murderer knows not why he kills.
The murdered knows not why he has been killed.
The wind asks the rain…
Who replies ‘I am amazed’
As she turns into wine.
Adultery and usury.
Provocative Dancers and singers.
Egregious acts in the streets and back alleys.
The time draws nearer.
Killing and civil strife is rife
We have awoken and the authorities are as a noose around our necks The hour is upon us.

The Promise is a promise, your time shall come. This world, however it is, shall twist and turn.

And yet the Sun, shall rise from the west.
And the one-eyed one from the east
Claiming divinity, yet he lies.
And I swear by God the Almighty that he is a liar. He shall birth a new order, uni-polar.