Miner Riotinto is rotten and racist to the core.

From Crikey today : “DISTURBING” CULTURE AT RIO Tinto Mining giant Rio Tinto have released the shocking details of a company-wide cultural review, which found sexism, bullying, and racism run rampant within the business, as SMH reports. The independent report commissioned by Rio Tinto saw former sex discrimination commissioner Elizabeth Broderick survey 10,000 of the company’s 45,000 employees. Bloomberg reports that… Continue Reading →

Half million Riotinto drop – payout scum

Possibly the shabbiest thing I have heard since yesterday: to Vikki 5 hours agoDetails PNG Exposed, 4 April 2014 Australian academics paid $500,000 over two years for mining work on Bougainville April 3, 2014 Two Australian academics have been paid almost $500,000 by the Australian government for two years work towards reopening the Panguna mine… Continue Reading →

Panguna No to reopening Riotinto death mine

Just in: On Wednesday, April 2, 2014, Bougainville Freedom Movement wrote: PNG Minewatch, 31 March 2014 Panguna Mothers Reject BCL and Mine Clive Porabou via Facebook The Meekamui Women of Panguna find it ridiculous to hear that the Bougainville Women in Mining are supporting the reopening of Panguna Mine when they themselves are ignorant of… Continue Reading →

Trouble for Riotinto (well deserved)

Green Left Weekly, http://www.greenleft.org.au/node/53429 Bougainville: Rio Tinto faces war crimes allegations in bid to reopen mine Tuesday, February 26, 2013 By Kristian Lasslett Young freedom fighter from the Bougainville Revolutionary Army in 1994. Photo by Francis O’Neill, via eco-action.org. British-Australian mining giant Rio Tinto is seriously contemplating reopening its Bougainville copper and gold mine, Reuters reported on February… Continue Reading →

Bougainvile: riotinto’s atrocities

The Australian, 16 July 2011 (warning, this is a Murdoch paper! references to Hitler and Chinese colonialism also to be taken under advisement). Battle intensifies over Bougainville copper Rowan Callick, Asia-Pacific editor From: The Australian Bougainville rebels guard the Panguna mine site in 1996. Picture: Ben Bohane Source: The Australian CLAIMS that Rio Tinto funded the civil war… Continue Reading →

Polluters Riotinto

ABC TV – Lateline, 14 June 2010 Abandoned mine threatens environmental disaster Australian Broadcasting Corporation Broadcast: 14/06/2010 Reporter: Liam Fox The Australian owners of an abandoned mine in Bougainville say it is too dangerous to return to repair leaking fuel tanks. Transcript LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: It’s been 20 years since a bloody civil war forced… Continue Reading →

Rally Against RIOTINTO in Sydney 20 May 2010

CHINA IS CRACKING DOWN ON PRIVATE SECTOR CORPORATE GREED AND CORRUPTION! IT’S TIME THAT HAPPENS HERE! . Rio Tinto’s obscenely rich bosses are notorious for attacking trade unions, trampling on Aboriginal rights and plundering the wealth of peoples in the “Third World.” And they are used to getting away with it! However, since the Peoples of Republic… Continue Reading →

Sent down – riotinto

Riotinto cowboys locked up by a Chinese court, the ringleader gets ten years. I think i’ll send a postcard. SHANGHAI (Reuters) – A Shanghai court on Monday sentenced a Chinese-Australian executive of Rio Tinto to 7 years in prison on Monday on charges of accepting bribes and 5 years on charges of stealing commercial secrets…. Continue Reading →

Riotinto deserves the pain

I’ve posted several times before on the many crimes of Riotinto – bunkered down in their London headquarters (formerly 6 St James Square, now 2 Eastbourne Terrace), they plunder the world with near impunity, though Partizans, Minewatch and this bunch of activist-lawyers (below) are keen to dent their stock. Oh, and the Chinese deal went… Continue Reading →

Riotinto in court strife

Of course picking on arms trader Spicer over Bougainville as I have done previously, perhaps overlooks the real gangsters in this scenario – the mining company, pretend ‘community friendly’, plunderer of Islands, destroyer of worlds – RioTinto Zinc. It was they that ripped the hole in the planet that was the Panguna mine on Bougainville,… Continue Reading →

double-think Australian mining PNG mining Indonesian (alleged) terror mining Riotinto and Tim Spicer in Iraq just loving it. (and Israeli Blitzkrieg)

OK, here is a convoluted double-think. News just in. The Papua New Guinea army commander that ousted that mercenary pom and stiff-lipped bastard Tim Spicer and Sandline International from PNG when they came to intervene in the Bougainville war in 1997, must now be jealous that the same bastard Lord of War (Spicer) is suddenly… Continue Reading →

From Riotinto to Iraq – Tim’s big (£) adventures.

Some folks will know of my interest in the Pacific Island called Bougainville – a place where the company Rio Tinto (based at 6 St James Square London) dug the biggest hole in the southern hemisphere (to mine copper, employing anthropologists as advisers on native administration) and who profitted massively until the Bougainville Revolutionary Army… Continue Reading →

No Olympics

Because of the money-suck, the corporate sponsorship (riotinto making the medals in London), the fake moralism about drugs, the ‘security’ policing, the clearing of the inner city of undesirables, the hypocrisy, this is an old ‘fax art’ poster from my archives, circa 1990. We made many of these on the politics department photocopier.

Repost: for the Olympics and the Nostalgia…

Some notes from 2012… Gunnersbury Bagh. (Kill your darlings 10) 26/04/2017 ~ JOHN HUTNYK ~ [A set of cuts that jettison the last underworked section of the book – residue of a previous plan, now offcuts in the sawdust.] Ethnography as a hobby or habit. The day off.  With comrades, significantly not anthropologists, I visited the 2012 London Mela with this… Continue Reading →

Gunnersbury Bagh. (Kill your darlings 10)

[A set of cuts that jettison the last underworked section of the book – residue of a previous plan, now offcuts in the sawdust.] Ethnography as a hobby or habit. The day off.  With comrades, significantly not anthropologists, I visited the 2012 London Mela with this in mind: to make clear a parochial orientation, as comparative… Continue Reading →

Sturm in the South Seas

This is yet another example of the crazy lengths the worlds most grotesque mining company will go to pass off transparently laughable public relations propaganda as fact (lets just say that Rupert Murdoch is mere paper to this lot’s stone in the paper-scissors-stone game that is global plunder). For readers, BCL = Bougainville Copper. RTZ = Riotinto… Continue Reading →

Policy Documents

Exasperated by the proliferation of strategy documents and committee creep(s) here at college, I bothered to comment on one that hit my desktop today… here it is, just for the record (well, here is my comment, I presume the strategy itself is still only a draft, so i can’t post it): Preamble. Learning and teaching!… Continue Reading →

The blacklisting of Rio Tinto – NAJ Taylor

The blacklisting of Rio Tinto Too many invest in companies – such as Australia’s Rio Tinto – without any consideration of the ethics of doing so. NAJ Taylor Last Modified: 12 Sep 2011 12:24     Papuans protest against Freeport and Rio Tinto’s Grasberg mine outside of Freeport’s office in Jakarta [EPA] [This is the first… Continue Reading →

The Queen’s duck

When someone mentions the English Queen, I’m afraid I always think ‘unaccountable and irredeemably wicked shareholder of major corporations of the likes of Riotinto‘ (though that is spurious rumour of course). Well this week, while Riotinto reels under the PartiZans activist intervention at its annual shareholders meeting, and while the Queen’s grandson Billy dumps his… Continue Reading →

glossy anthropology

In the introduction to their edited volume Frontiers of Capital: Ethnographic Reflections on the New Economy”, Greg Downey and Melissa Fisher speculate a little on corporate compromise on the part of social scientists: They write: “During the past decade an unprecedented number of cultural anthropologists have been hired by companies to work as consultants in… Continue Reading →


Occasionally I update on Bougainville stuff (here and here and here) but the latest I have is this (and someone certainly should dissertate on the topic…): This interview first ran around 0549 GMT By James Attwood Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES SYDNEY (Dow Jones)–Papua New Guinea’s government expects to agree terms with Bougainville authorities next year… Continue Reading →

Rio Tinto Crocodile Co…

From the look of Daniel I knew that he had been away too long.– Hi Mate, how are…His cutting off grunt and wave of shaky hand confirmed it. Daniel worked on a remote Crocodile sanctuary. An absurd undercover research predicament, where he had reptiled his way into the biggest and most hypocritical of RTZ’s good… Continue Reading →

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