Go see Convoys Wharf on Saturday

Convoys Wharf Site to Participate in Open House 2013 Hutchison Whampoa are delighted to announce they will be opening the Convoys Wharf site to the public on Saturday 21st September 2013, as part of the London Open House. Open access to the site will take place between 11am-5pm. Visitors can look forward to viewing an … Continue reading Go see Convoys Wharf on Saturday

Deptford is… – post on Convoys Wharf transport issues.

Convoys Wharf transport #2: public transport posted on Deptford is… 6 July 2013 One of the strongest arguments against allowing Convoys Wharf to be developed to the density that Hutchison Whampoa is suggesting, is the fact that the public transport accessibility of the site is so poor. This situation has not improved with the new … Continue reading Deptford is… – post on Convoys Wharf transport issues.

“Battle of Convoys Wharf”

Evening Standard piece on Convoys Wharf by Kieren Long Published: 26 October 2011 Does it matter what’s underneath the pavement? Under our feet, in the earth, are the traces of the 2,000 years of Londoners, their coins and clothes, their trinkets and tools, the remains of their buildings and roads. The question of whether this material, … Continue reading “Battle of Convoys Wharf”

Quid pro Quo – Subversive Festival, Zagreb (2nd vid)

My third talk in a series of three on capital was at the Subversive Festival in Zagreb. The second talk is here (Translating Capital in Context) and it makes sense to see the second talk first [the first one in Rijeka was not recorded, but was based on my text on Citizen Kane], not least because it … Continue reading Quid pro Quo – Subversive Festival, Zagreb (2nd vid)

Upwards (for profit) – the silver bodgie strikes.

The Whampoa and Kowloon Dock company was founded by William Jardine of Jardine Matheson, shipbuilders, jade merchants and opium traders; Douglas Lapraik, watchmaker and shipbuilder; Thomas Sutherland Founder of the HSBC bank, managing director of P&O, member of parliament, leader of the Liberal opposition; and Jas Whittal, manager for Jardine Matheson (Feldwick 1917). Fortunes made … Continue reading Upwards (for profit) – the silver bodgie strikes.

Sayes Court Garden (by Roo Angell and Bob Bagley)

John Evelyn’s garden at Sayes Court was one of the most famous and revolutionary gardens of its time.  Evelyn’s many visitors included his friends Samuel Pepys and Christopher Wren, and even Charles II himself.  Through surviving documentary evidence the garden’s legacy lives on, but the garden itself fell into sad neglect shortly after his death … Continue reading Sayes Court Garden (by Roo Angell and Bob Bagley)

Talk – weds 10th Greenwich U

I’m redoing my east India company in Deptford talk at greenwich next weds. Any new news updates welcome.    What are the possibilities beyond middle class NIMBYisms* ? What lies beneath it? * NIMBYism is a term, usually pejorative, to describe the Not In My Back Yard response of community spaceholders to ‘development’ not of their … Continue reading Talk – weds 10th Greenwich U

And coming soon to a river frontage not so accessible to you…

see the ‘welcome’ message: a huge amount of planning info is on the site: here is some from the recent consultation with you, the public. To view materials from previous consultations, please click on the links below: Exhibition materials February 2013 Exhibition materials July 2012 Exhibition boards July 2012 Convoys Wharf News July 2011 Exhibition … Continue reading And coming soon to a river frontage not so accessible to you…

Neil tours us round Deptford.

Why thanks Neil: http://transpont.blogspot.com/2011/09/convoys-wharf-latest.html Transpontine: South East London blogzine – things that are happening, things that happened, things that should never have happened. New Cross, Brockley, Deptford and other beauty spots. EMAIL US: transpontine@btinternet.com Transpontine: ‘on the other (i.e. the south) side of the bridges over the Thames; pertaining to or like the lurid melodrama … Continue reading Neil tours us round Deptford.

Lewisham Carnival Against Cuts

Saturday 19th February From 11am, Lewisham, South East London The largest community protest EVER staged in the UK! Dozens of demonstrations borough-wide, followed by one mass march. The day ordinary people become quite extraordinary. Saturday 19th February from 11am to 12 noon culminating in 2 minutes of noise from people banging on saucepans and kettles … Continue reading Lewisham Carnival Against Cuts