Love Scams

My (online) bank sent me the following five-pointed warning message about people online wanting to scam money from me, but there is something suspicious about this because each of the points they make perfectly describe the way they are in their relationship to me, except the last one where they take a cut every time I go to make a transfer:

These five red flags may mean your new friendship or relationship is not all that it seems:​
• You message regularly but you’ve never met in person or video called them.​
• If it’s a romantic relationship, they tell you they love you very quickly.​
• They’re very interested in you and your personal life. But when you think about it, you don’t know much about them.​
• They have a job, but they won’t tell you where it is, or are vague and say they can’t tell you more for security reasons.​
• They have a sudden sad change in circumstances and need an emergency loan to fix it or so that they can visit family quickly.​

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