Jobs you might not be as keen on despite the feels…

With posts like this postdoc below (at the admirable Claremont network, Pamona Liberal Arts), knowing of course that such jobs are too few and far between, I wonder what they do to negotiate the stain of Rand having participated in the kind of anthropology that pushed the AAA to adopt ethics guidelines back in 69-70 as well as, not to spin it at all, the interrogation of North Vietnamese captives by Rand operatives as is pretty well documented…
Really, is this the sort of thing…

Pomona College
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One-year position, Rand postdoctoral fellowship in the Asian Studies Program
Asian Studies Program at Pomona College seeks applications for the Rand postdoctoral fellowship, a one-year position, beginning July 2022 with the possibility to renew for another two years.

This fellowship is open to scholars whose work engages pre-modern China that will generate innovative approaches to research and teaching of Asia. We welcome cross-disciplinary perspectives, with special interest in those who treat art and archaeology, environment, geography, philosophy, or religion. Ability to link China with other geographical region(s) will be an asset.

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