Miner Riotinto is rotten and racist to the core.

From Crikey today :

“DISTURBING” CULTURE AT RIO Tinto Mining giant Rio Tinto have released the shocking details of a company-wide cultural review, which found sexism, bullying, and racism run rampant within the business, as SMH reports. The independent report commissioned by Rio Tinto saw former sex discrimination commissioner Elizabeth Broderick survey 10,000 of the company’s 45,000 employees. Bloomberg reports that the survey found more than a quarter of women had experienced sexual harassment and almost half of the workforce had been bullied. Twenty one women reported actual or attempted sexual assault.”

“The ABC reports that the review was commissioned on the back of the parliamentary inquiry in WA which found two dozen mine site sexual assaults were investigated by police in a two year period. The review also found racism is systemic within the organisation, with Indigenous employees describing the deeply ingrained racism that sees Aboriginal staff denigrated, criticised, and rarely promoted to position of leadership, as the AFR reports. This revelation comes in the wake of the 2020 destruction of Juukan Gorge, which saw Rio Tinto destroy the 46,000 year old sacred Indigenous site.”

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