Le Duan

VCP Gen Sec

‘wipe out the vestiges of petty-bourgeois ideology and the influences of bourgeois ideology, and in particular, firmly oppose individualism, the ideological source of revisionism. If there are communists who become revisionist it is because they are afraid of the hardship of the revolutionary struggle, of sacrifices, and only want to live an easy-going life, consequently they get addicted to bourgeois habits, ways of living and ideology: for these persons, the noble and fine communist ideal has disappeared [and] they only dream of the Western bourgeois way of living, and consider it as the model, their highest objective of struggle, they tremble with fear, compromise with and then ideologically surrender to the imperialists and reactionaries’ (Le Duan, speech to the Dec 1963 Vietnam Workers Party Central Committee, in “Selected Writings”, Hanoi: the Gioi Publishers p. 155-156)

“The Party’ s leadership constantly rests upon the principle of collective leadership. Personal arbitrariness is totally alien to its nature. No individual even one endowed with exceptional gifts, can ever understand and comprehend all things and events in all their aspects and ceaseless changes in form. Hence the necessity of a collective intellect. Only collective decisions taken on the strength of a collective mind can avoid subjectivism, which leads to errors with often dangerous consequences. Collective leadership is the highest principle in the Party’s leadership. This by no means lessens the personal responsibility of the leaders. At present, some comrades in a number of leading organs are not paying due regard to the principle of collective leadership. On the other hand, certain comrades rely on the “collective” to look after everything, and put the flame on the “collective” for every one of their own errors and failures without admitting their individual responsibility. We must put an end to this state of affairs.” Le Duan ‘The Vietnamese Revolution’ (n.d. but 1969-70 approx) in “Selected Works” 1994, p.316

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  1. John,

    My reaction to these quotes is tht he makes correct points that need to be made regularly in any organizational context. Unfortunately he makes them somewhat dogmatically and with an hyperbolic and non-dialectical style of expression.

    Hope you are well.

    In solidarity,

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    1. yes, refreshing isn’t it.

      There is a conference on him in February, but unfortunately mostly in Tieng Viet.

      Our conference agenda will be on up soon – here: issh2021.tdtu.edu.vn

      Hope you two are doing well. To recover from my last part of term fatigue I’ve been watching an entertaining US tv show from 5 years or so ago about innovation and the www called “Halt and Catch Fire” – its quite good, though they missed a trick by not having any real critique… except the one brilliant awkward student who commits suicide. Sigh.


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