Robinsonades: we are all a bit Robbo now.

Several Robinsinades are coming soon.

But folks seem a bit confused about which Daniel Defoe to get into right now. As the world splutters towards total collapse,  I mean, do you read his notes on the plague year first, or go for a refresher course on self-isolation in Robinson?


I’ve articles in the works on this, and have been translating an excellent essay from German on Crusoe/Croix/Kreutznaer/Kreutzer by Wulf Hund. But today, recognizing the new viral potency of the Crusoe effect, I am stumbling through a new version. We are all Robbo now.

3 thoughts on “Robinsonades: we are all a bit Robbo now.

  1. Hi John. On seeing this I dug out my crispy copy that I bought in Kandy, Sri Lanka in 2006, complete with baggage tag bookmark. I was there waiting for a new India visa during my PhD fieldwork in Goa, while you were my supervisor at Goldsmiths. Like Robbo, stocking my cave with salvage, and dreaming of travel. Be well, Lia.


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