Sundarbans, Climate, Tigers, Law.

Liquidity of the Sundarbans:

If the Tigers and Cyclones Don’t Get You, the Law Will

This forms the first part of a new research concentration for me, and owes much to colleagues at Jadavpur Uni now battling the BJP monstrosity. This sort of work relies upon the University remaining an open, critical, creative and thinking place. And such works as discussed here – more than three, a whole series of works are considered, reaching back to when I first met the history and philosophy folks at Jadavpur – are indicative of what remains that is good in the university, despite all that is happening.

50 e-prints for those quick off the mark, here:


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  1. Well somewhat unsurprisingly your blog has more words than mine. Are you still in London? Fancy meeting up some time when I’m there. Cxo


    1. Heya – love to meet up, but London is more expensive and more heartless than I can handle. I live in Vietnam and have done for three years now. Youngest is fluent (plastic mind of a three-year-old moulds easily around anything and absorbs it into the protoplasmic joy of sheer fun). Theodor 7 and I 57 have more difficulty, and are pushing 50%. Theo knows more songs – I think that is the way, but I can’t quite hold a tne (frankly, some of the karaoke here, that does not seem to matter so very much). get to London once a year, and Nottingham -but Kolkata more often :)


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