4 thoughts on “Global South Asia On Screen: India only edition.

  1. We saw Anand Patwardhan’s Divek [Reason] which is rationality itself. Hard kaur has been slapped with a sedition charge over her instagram posts- including about the killing of Karkare- which definitely is a story which needs re- telling.


    1. Patwardhan has done great things while the Hard Kaur teacupstorm would be laughable except it is of a type. Remember the house arrest for ‘lyrical terrorist’ Samia Malik. Madness. For the same sort of statements Boris gets to be premier. J


  2. Did you get to see Divek? It’s a very comprehensive account of what happening under Modi’s rashtra.


    1. no, not yet, and missed it when In India in April (tho it was on at the over crowded Calcutta Film Fest I think). The last of his films, which I hace watched since seeing Bombay Our City on release, was Jai Bhim Comrade. Hugely important and his best so far (unless Divek is better). Jai Bhim is online, but without subs.


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