Reading UNESCO’s 2017/8 Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report

Don’t just blame the teacher when the system is at fault, says UNESCO


The Report calls on governments to:

1. Design accountability for schools and teachers that is supportive and avoid punitive mechanisms, especially those based on narrow performance measures.

2. Allow for democratic participation, respect media freedom to scrutinise education and set up independent institutions to handle complaints.

3. Develop credible and efficient regulations with associated sanctions for all education providers, public and private, that ensure non-discrimination and the quality of education.

4. Make the right to education justiciable, which is not the case in 45% of countries.

This summary is from their press release.

Such abject reading. When so much more could be taken up…

Looking next to Nelly Stromquist’s Oct 2017 Report “Twenty Years Later: International Efforts to Protect the Rights of Higher Education teaching personnel remain insufficient’ – on especially adjunct conditions – but I’ve not yet found a link for the pdf. Will post when I do. It has chapters o Austerity, Academic Freedom, Growth of Casualised Faculty, and Extent and Potential of Unionisation. (huge thanks to Joe Berry for showing me a copy [paper copy])