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Of course the screen has long been a global industry with a global logistics, and every ‘international’ production – a movie, drama or news – involves battalions of workers laying cables, assembling cameras, grooming talent, building sound stages, driving celeb vehicles, rushing here and there.

In general, the globalisation of cinema and television is no longer the extraordinary exceptional effort of, say, David Lean’s Lawrence of Arabia (see Caton 1999) but the ubiquity of screen culture has meant a massive new participation in the production of images, from the somewhat romanticised ‘citizen journalism’ of ‘tele-democracy’, to the live-cam combat footage and embedded reportage of the military and security services, all deploying the latest buzzwords as codex for wider techno-social shifts.

Again Rajadhyaksha (2009) contests an ‘isolationist’ view of Indian television, noting the Doordarshan state monopoly was accused of a narrow ‘Delhicentric’ view of India and he argues for refocused attention to Indian cinemas in a global frame that must be taken seriously here. Madhava Prasad (1998) seemingly starts at the other end and takes political, economic and historical factors as key to understanding ‘Indian’ cinema and its relation to capital

Nalin Mehta’s study of satellite television remains closely tied to the medium of television itself, however much transformed by new modes of delivery. The ‘citizen journalist’ (Mehta 2008:248) and ‘tele-democracy’ (Mehta 2008:257) are terms that have insider network currency.

There are by now well-rehearsed ways of undermining legitimate commentary with equally unsubtle questions of motive and context in a wider racist imperialist codings that try to never reveal the white supremacist undercarriage. The use of other terms – madness, ADHD disorders, psychosis – to seemingly excuse or mitigate attacks with deeper systemic origins is recurrent. For example, the July 22 2011 deaths in Oslo, Norway at the hands of the terrorist killer Anders Behring Breivik, or those of white supremacist Wade Michael Page who killed 7 at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, on August 5, 2012, or the 9 killed by Southern Rhodesia supporting, flag-waving confederate terrorist Dylan Roof on June 17, 2015, and too many other examples. As if taking down the confederate flag would erase the structural racism, public weapons, prison system, arms sales and interventionist wars that make the problems of systemic imperialism and racism the scourge of the world that merges also into commodification via industrial news production. We watch rolling 24 hour cycle coverage which evokes no compassion, only staged ‘compassion’ – behind which you know there are technicians, crew, director and sound operator all just doing their jobs, some of them wearing appropriate t-shirt slogans saying ‘I am Trayvon Martin’ even. No contrition from the media for its knee-jerk first reactions, invariably assuming the attacks were Al Qaeda or enraged Islamists responding to anti-Mohammed cartoons, and not much more than a contrived apology and business-as-usual as Breivik is identified as a self-declared ‘anti-Muslim crusader’ with a 1500 page manifesto and links to the English Defense League,[1] Page was a white supremacist crusader and member of racist skinhead neo-Nazi rock bands End Empathy and Definite Hate,[2] while Dylann Roof’s terrorist attack on churchgoers in Charleston was called a tragedy of bad parenting, despite rapid appearance of readily accessible evidence that he had been given weapons, groomed online and had planned the attack for 6 months.[3]

That the terrorist self-styles as crusader is no surprise, but again media attention focuses upon the lone-wolf, rogue element, and individuation so as to engender control, in the same way the manufacturing process divides items for management on the assembly line and market (see Adorno 1952/2005:39). This trinketisation ignores, even as we see it on screen, the intimate connections and overall tendential movement that should be diagnosed as a new and vicious military-informational complex, modeled and sold with glossy brochure News Corp and ‘’ publicity campaign. It starts with so-called humanitarian bombing, moves through years of attritional combat, and extortion, assassination, murder-death-kill, and at best ends up with construction contracts and ongoing client state dependency with Obama and Clinton as its team B compliant democratic visage. At worst, dissolution, despair and destructive neo-fascist entropy of the Haliburton phase. A form of privatisation over scorched earth – the policy choice of the crusades – reinstates colonialism and now devolves to the bureaucratic distanced administration of the proxy globalised innovation and appears nothing short of permanent World War III. This blowback only begins to show as breaking news if you are not actually watching, taking the time to learn not to flinch from the implications.

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