Class / segmentation / racialization. Notes – Lucha No Feik Club

If the working-class has always been segmented, we must then contextualize this segmentation, which is to say we must situate it within the general form of the contradiction between the proletariat and Capital within a cycle of struggles. With this, opposing identities, identities wrongly associated with communities, would solely be normative. Even if we were to confer on this segmentation a great circumstantial importance, its being is elsewhere, within a purity that is either accessible or not. We do not escape a reciprocally exclusive opposition [of identities] by simply pitting what is with what should be.
A normative denial of racialized segmentation does not seek contradictions within what exists, but pleases itself by positioning itself in contradiction with what exists: the class against its segmentation, without considering that the class, within the contradiction of the proletariat and Capital which provide its reproduction, exists but within this segmentation.

Update/addition (via Ross Wolfe):

Théorie Communiste Lucha No Feik Club (October 26, 2016) . . Editorial note . Ori­gin­ally pub­lished by Théorie Com­mun­iste as «Classe/seg­men­ta­tion/raci­sa­tion. Notes». Trans­lated from the French by LNFC, with sub­stan­tial re­vi­sions by Ross Wolfe. I can’t take cred­it for the ma­jor­ity of this trans­la­tion, as I worked from the one pos­ted by the Lucha No Feik Club. Nev­er­the­less, I found this trans­la­tion al­most un­read­able, and so de­cided to go over it again with my (ad­mit­tedly quite poor) French and make some modi­fic­a­tions. [ 6,777 more words ]…/class-segmentation-racializati…