Tasks for accelerationists?

The long wait for the transformation of the world: begun with the anti colonial push back against colonialism, itself subjected to cooption and complicity under the new post colonial elites, ably assisted by the sheer ineffectuality of the western lefts, their trades union tops, and their naive social democratic compromise with a take no prisoners privatising neoliberalism. Today, massive pivot to Asia, Africa and Latin America induces panic and military attack from NATO. It invokes possibilities of an organised global south up for grabs and provides clear indications of what the organised European lefts should do, which is to do all it can to transfer assets, technology and focus from the over privileged but now wastelands of the NATO home states to the emergent terrain we need, where loosening constraints and forging new alliances scan favourably. 

– part of a gripes version of a future essay/chapter/book that will be rehearsed online here or on academia.edu

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