Robinson psycho killer q?

addendum to Robinsonades…

Let us recap: the book-keeper of bourgeois individualism, Robinson, spends 25 years alone on his island. He is of course psychotic, though perhaps was so from the beginning, a bad son of his father. He spends all his time perfecting his defences, strengthening his compound, building inner keeps and outer ramparts, booby-trap devices and ensnarements, always in preparation for the inevitable confrontation, which of course only comes after 25 years when Robinson attacks. He moves swiftly to kill, albeit in the interests of survival and after the apparently nameless person who escapes the cannibals on a Friday, runs directly towards his secure hidey-hole. Then, without mercy, there is slaughter. And indeed, with Friday, the next group of cannibals who visit the island looking for their friends are also swiftly and magnificently despatched.

Robinson could be the archetype for the vengeful wild-eyed and resourceful forest killer – think Rambo in First Blood. So if Robinson is remembered as a book-keeper, this is an ordered individual entrepreneur who comes to us with blooded hands and can fill his ledger only if we overlook the slave trading, plantation owning, murderous and vengeful killer that he also must be. Psychosis through long isolation on an island can make a Christian god-botherer of anyone I suppose.

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    1. anything you like, but could be question? Or that I just could not spell Qui est-ce? Robinson who? Who him again? What? Why? is he a killer, yup, why a heroic one? Saved Friday, named friday, patron and patronising loser son… as you like.


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