weirdness of analytics – article downloads – collaborations

Procrastination from writing – that I’m otherwise getting on with – but which sometimes means indulging in looking at the various analytics on offer for websites like, since it fits the time of a coffee, better than being tempted by tv series and such (Indian Summers anyone?). So, am a little sorry for these few articles that have only had a couple of downloads each this month. Is co-authoring a help or not? More looks, same takers.

Contexts for Distraction (with Tom Henri) 69 4
The Eighteenth Brumaire of Gaius Baltar (with Laura King) 24 4
Jungle Studies 13 4
The Dialectic of Here and There: Anthropology ‘at Home’ and British Asian Communism 13 4



As contrast, this months top downloads (online looks, downloads):
Bataille’s Wars Surrealism, Marxism, Fascism 188 33
Culture from Theory Culture Society 2006; 46 31
Citizen Marx/Kane – 2014 from Marx at the Movies, 108 30
Clifford’s Ethnographica 78 26
Hybridity 77 23
Proletarianisation 2013 in New Formations 102 21