Marx in Marseilles

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 10.18.27MARX TO ENGELS

Marseilles, 17 February 1882

Hôtel au petit Louvre,

Rue de Cannebière

… A fine day for the journey to Marseilles, and all right until just beyond the station at Lyons. First, l’/s hours d’arrêt at Cassis on account of the locomotive’s distemper; then again the same mishap with the engine at Valence, although this time the arrêt wasn’t so long. Meanwhile it had turned bitter cold with a nasty biting wind. Instead of arriving some time before midnight, we did not reach [Marseilles] until after 2 o’clock in the morning; to some extent I was more or less freezing, despite all my wrappings, the only antidote I found being ‘alcohol’ and I again and again resorted to it. During the last quarter of an hour (if not more) in the exposed, cold and windswept gare de Marseille, there was one last épreuve in the shape of prolonged formalities before obtaining possession of one’s luggage.

Today it’s sunny in Marseilles, but the wind itself not yet warm. Dr Dourlen advised me to stay at the above-named hotel, whence I shall leave for Algiers tomorrow (Saturday) at 5 in the afternoon. The office of the Paquebots à vapeur des Postes françaises’ is located here, in the very hotel at which I am staying, so that I was able to take a ticket (at 80 first class) for the paquebot Said straight away; one’s baggage is likewise enregistered here, so that everything is as convenient as can be.

Collected Works vol 46 page 119.