Free Public Transport (at least – and more trips to the beach)

highway1RMT walkout at Virgin apparently. Great. Derisory pay offer from the boss.

But so much more is needed! Huge swathes of our cities have been given over roads, which really means providing State subsidised ‘tools’ for distribution of private sector goods – warehouses now have 18 wheels, and roads filled with vans doing the business of Ocados, Tescos, Amazon and the like, while old fashioned store, office and factory based companies expect workers to pay their own way for the dubious privilege of getting to work on time. Meanwhile, trucks are running many of us into the curb (the ghost bikes haunt me). Have you noticed that the privatisation sell-off is hardly ever about the ‘public’ asset of the roads system, since no fat cat sees a profit in that? Its a Govt sponsored facility for capital – except in a few cases, eg Victoria, where there are many toll roads. So, yep, am calling for free public transport, and new bus routes to the beach!

And from Silvia Federici’s “Revolution Point Zero”, PM Press 2012 p58: