Tomorrow Never Knows #drones

DroneAbeDrone 1

from The Japan Times, 24.4.2015, these two drone pics, the first the radioactive visitor to Abe’s roof, the second a battle ready stealth killer. Then two different drones, the cartoon one involving, well, subtle cultural appropriation I guess, very subtle, both really. Varieties of droning on, and this without even mentioning the Wagner prelude (Das Rheingold). The constant C major of ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ is less ominous than the Eb of Wagner, but any sound of drones should have you running for cover. In the JT, the cute little one gets front page (it is radioactive apparently, so not that cute), and the big super deadly looking one was buried on page eight. There was also a story about drones being used to smuggle contraband into prisons, which was a nice touch – on page 12.

and additionally, this little film on drones and surveillance society starts with quotes from kwark: