reading Marx daily –

you can get the New York Daily tribune to read online via Library of Congress. Cross referencing the resources of the Marxist Internet Archive here for the dates of pieces not yet transcribed, you can then search the scanned copies of the NYDT here. Thus reading Marx’s journalism in situ as it were. This means the usual sunday morning with the papers is somewhat different today.

For example, Marx on China from page 8 of the Dec 3 1959 edition (second scan, column 2)

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2 thoughts on “reading Marx daily –

  1. Marx’s political writings are as vast as his critique of political economy. His articles on the Eastern Question are deeply insightful and give us his geopolitical analysis. I think that this aspect of his thought is largely ignored. Am I right?


    1. Saleh – you are right to a degree, but a lot of attention is coming to this of late. I will email you my text “the east as a career” – a talk given at Princeton, Zagreb Subversive and Hamburg so far.

      Am reading The Eastern Question, prepared by Marx’s daughter. Stay tuned for more.

      Hope you are well, and see you soon. J



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