Asked for a few sentences on money. I did not need to spend a long time…:

Money, a gas, makes the world go round, is time, a general equivalent, great symbolic Molloch, a trap, it can’t buy you love. Marx made the case that the lust for gold left the capitalist class in the abject predicament of ideological entrapment, heading towards their own privatised proletarianisation as middle managers of an abstract machine. Well, those were not exactly Marx’s words, and things were much worse for those swapping overwork for underpayment. The alienated market in which we commodify ourselves, enslaved to corporate finance and instantaneous currency collapse disorder, does not offer a bargain option exit ramp. A paper equivalence leaves us folded and watermarked by secret speculations and the authorisation of bankers. KRS burnt a million quid and no-one thought of the Reichstag, even as the culture industry echoes a fascist denomination. I am no apologist for speculation, but the devilish secret of so-called fetishism comes with disembodied royal heads from the off. Welcome idea: abolish it.

John Hutnyk: trinketization