A shelfie for teaching a five section anthropology course at Zeppelin Uni. Not everything is here, but starting with some basic stuff. A few things I am missing…so people might write to help and tell me what has come out in anthro in the last five years that is good on violence (Casey High, I have some of your stuff). I need more on politics and domestic economy (have AM and Silvia Federici of course). What else?

The five parts are thus::

1 Malinowski and Fieldwork Method/Writing Culture (Narayan, Clifford, Spivak, Taussig, Paglin)

2 Photogenic Poverty – Gift, Contract, Exchange and Economy (E-P, Azoulay, Federici, Mitropoulos)

3 Writing Structuralism – Lévi-Strauss and Myth today (Lévi-Strauss, Geertz, Derrida)

4 Political and Military Anthropology – (Mao, Marx, Swedenburg, COIN, Taussig)

5 Corporate and Glossy Anthropology – studying ‘up’ (Nader, Marcus, Rao, Price)



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  1. Great course!
    For section 3 on Levi-Strauss you might include Eduardo Viveiros de Castro and the enthusiasm for the ontological turn in anthropology. He has a nice little booklet on the ‘Radical Dualism of Levi-Strauss’.
    Section 4, Network of concerned anthropologists Counter-counterinsurgency manual (Prickly Paradigm Press). btw one of the army guys who did the actual work on this for Petraeus et al is a very interesting ex-army Australian who now regularly turns up on Australian TV as a talking head on ‘security issues’, etc.. If you look at his profile, he makes a nice transition from your section 4 (militarization) to section 5 (corporatization).
    Extract from his Wikipediaprofile below:

    “Kilcullen helped write the United States Army’s Field Manual 3-24, Counterinsurgency, published in December 2006.[12][13] He also wrote an appendix, entitled “A Guide to Action.”

    In early 2007, Kilcullen became a member of a small group of civilian and military experts, including Colonel H. R. McMaster, who worked on the personal staff of General David Petraeus, the Commander of the Multi-National Force – Iraq.[14] There, Kilcullen served as the Senior Counterinsurgency Advisor until 2008 and was responsible for planning and executing counterinsurgency strategy and operations. He was a principal architect of the Joint Campaign Plan which guided the Iraq War 2007 Troop Surge.[15]

    He has also served as the Special Advisor for Counterinsurgency to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in 2007 and 2008.[5]

    Kilcullen was a Member of the White House 2008 Review of Afghanistan and Pakistan Strategy. From 2009 to 2010, he was the Counterinsurgency Adviser to NATO and the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan. Kilcullen has also been an adviser to the British Government, the Australian Government, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the International Security Assistance Force and to several private sector institutions and companies.

    He was a Senior Fellow and a member of the Advisory Board of the Center for a New American Security.[16] He was a Partner at the Crumpton Group, but left due to moral and principled differences.[17] He has also been an Adjunct Professor of Security Studies at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.[7][18]

    Kilcullen founded Caerus Associates, LLC in 2010. Caerus is a Washington, DC-based strategic and design consultancy firm that specializes in working in complex and frontier environments.[2]”


    1. Hi

      great – yes, the ‘Counter-counterinsurgency’ book is there, its just resting sideways on the top. Thanks for the de Castro though, that is really helpful as updating that stuff was something I really need to do. I like what he says – and was casting around for things to both crush the ‘ontological’ churn, and rebuff those who think Levi-Strauss not worth reading. I found his stuff formative. Have set them Tristes Tropiques of course, to read as preliminary, but have a chunk of Raw, and Naked to read in class.

      thanks again



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