One thought on “Jai Bhim Comrade – Anand Patwardhan film – must see 14.11.13

  1. the song Zhopad Patti Re, Zhopad Patti by KKM talks about the urban slum that builds the factory and the nation, and powers the economy; the same urban slum is also the place where most of the people from the oppressed castes reside. The song says:
    Angrez Aaya, machine laya, mil banaya, zhopad patti
    Chamar, bunker lohar mehnat, sab samaya zhopad patti
    And goes on to end with the lines:
    Gora jake aaya kala, toota woh sapno ka manzar
    Sath saalon mein chuna laga hai
    Sath saalon mein chuna lagake bikti reh gayi zhopad patti

    (The English came, mills and machines in tow
    The slums that came up accommodated the tanner, the weaver, the blacksmith
    The white made way for the brown, the kingdom of dreams came crashing down
    For sixty long years, cheats are running the show, the slums up for sale—where do we go?)

    see the film!


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