LISTEN/WATCH – recent Centre for Cultural Studies’ events: Report on May 22 Brazil Workshop at CCS (mostly in Portuguese language)
In conjunction with Mute: Slave to the Algorithm - including CCS PhD candidates Inigo Wilkins and Bogdan Dragos
The Matter of Contradiction Conference - Josie Berry Slater, Process Processed
At the ICA
 – John Hutnyk in conversation with Anthony Gormley and Hugh Brody
At Tate Modern – John Hutnyk on the theme of new cultural cartographies
Goldsmiths: ‘Double Evil’ - a talk with Matthew Fuller, Andrew Goffey and Eyal Weizman
Goldsmiths: Sylvia Federici public lecture
Goldsmiths: George Caffentzis’ public lecture
On BBC Radio 3: The Essay Scott Lash on ‘Liquid Modernity’