Miller and ‘The Reason of Metaphor’

Claire aka reader aka Londoner, who may or may not live in ellowen-deeoen, now reads the preface to The Reason of Metaphor, which is the guide book that taught us where to go.

Into Ruins


Which voice today, Reader, my apologies, which voice am I on?

The Reason of Metaphor: A study in Politics by Donald F Miller. What’s here?

“To him, the play of liminalities always retains the capacity, not merely to decompose a sterile world by decomposing its central metaphors, but also to generate new sets of metaphors that hold the promise of defining a new world.” This from the foreword by Ashis Nandy, p.9.

What a claim! But wait. This is not a claim about what Miller or his book has done, it’s a claim about what Nandy finds Miller to see in ‘the play of liminalities’. I’m pretty much against this phrase entirely, and spellcheck doesn’t like liminalities either, not that I’m siding with spellcheck from now on. Is this what Miller sees there? Is this what I see there? This ‘merely’, as though it would be something mere…

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