Superman returns? Not in the right place to do any good.

russell-crowe-in-full-costume-on-setDestroying the planet is the gothic of today and no bat in a cloak can swoop down from up high, like some inverted interbred vampire out of Capital, to redeem us. The bad debts pile up; floods, strange weather, drought, fire, starvation and death, compounded, if not outright caused, by a mercenary human aggression with less morality than wasps.

Large dams, mining, war, pollution, an obscenity that abides in the love of wealth and power. Suited monstrosities of corporation, Government, banking and science. In politics, Machiavelli would need rescue remedy today – appalled and embarrassed he would be.

I sit outside in the dull acid rain typing.

(yes SF, I know Russ is not the bat’s dad x)

2 thoughts on “Superman returns? Not in the right place to do any good.

  1. Rising to the bait – Superman is not a masked vigilante like Batman who, I agree, exists in a parasitic relation to capitalism. Surely Superman comes from the wreckage of the future? But does this make him a prophet or a redeemer? And where his powers are (mostly) predicated on space, surely where they count is in his ability to stop time?


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